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For semantic search in action try YARS - a scalable, lightweight RDF/N3 store implemented in Java (developed by DERI)

Also try Swoogle - a crawler-based indexing and retrieval system for the Semantic web

Training Material - DIP material for training and dissemination

DIP and WSMO Tutorials  
A Flash map showing the worldwide locations of all DIP and WSMO tutorials to date.

[OU Web site

July 2006]

DIP WebCast Site - hosted and managed by partner KMi (OU)
This site contains webcasts of DIP project events and webcasts of related semantic web service events for training and dissemination purposes.

[OU Web site

March 2005]

WSMO training for DIP - WSMO team

This site contains a presentation (PDF, PPT) of the WSMO training workshop held in Innsbruck Jan 2005 .

[WSMO site

Jan 2005]

Standardisation Bodies

W3C - World Wide Web Consortium
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) develops interoperable technologies (specifications, guidelines, software, and tools) to lead the Web to its full potential.


A not-for-profit global consortium that drives the development, convergence and adoption of e-business standards.


OMG - Ontology PSIG
OMG aims to enable the rapid development of ontology- related technologies.


Working Groups

ESSI - European Semantic Systems Initiative
The SDK (SEKT, DIP, Knowledge Web) Cluster has strategically aligned with ASG (Adaptive Services Grid) to form the European Semantic Systems initiative (ESSI) cluster.


OMWG - Ontology Management Working Group

Aims to create an Ontology Management suite for the efficient and effective management of ontologies .


SWSA - Semantic Web Services Association
The Semantic Web Science Association (SWSA) is a non-profit organisation incorporated in Karlsruhe, Germany for the purpose of promoting and exchanging scholarly work in Semantic Web and related fields throughout the world. .


SWSI - Semantic Web Services Initiative
An initiative of academic and industrial researchers aiming to create common infrastructure for the provision and use of Semantic Web Services.


WSMO - Web Service Modeling Ontology Working Group

Aligns the research and development effort between the SDK Cluster projects (SEKT, DIP and KnowledgWeb) by promoting a new SW architecture. The WSMO working group includes the WSML working group, which aims at developing a language called Web Service Modeling Language (WSML) that formalizes the Web Service Modeling Ontology (WSMO).


European Projects
 FP6 2002 - 2006

SDK Cluster
An umbrella project coordinating the common activities of three EC funded semantic web themed projects - SEKT, DIP and KnowledgeWeb.


  • SEKT
    Semantically-Enabled Knowledge Technologies
  • DIP (this web site)
  • Knowledge Web
    A European network of excellence (NoE) that aims to support the transfer of Ontology technologies from Academia to Industry.

Its objectives are to discover and exploit knowledge, by automating annotation at all levels.


Aims to develop semantic-based systems for handling, acquiring and processing knowledge embedded in multidimentional digital objects


An EU co-ordinated action for Agent Based Computing networking researchers and developers of agent based technologies


The project aims to upgrade the participation of competent organisations in the EU-funded research programmes in two broad areas: e business and e work.


An EU funded project aimed at supporting health care professional by building knowledge driven & dynamically adaptive networked communities within European health care systems. Uses WSMO based semantic web architecture.


A STREP project developing tools and services for deploying datamining applications on the grid.


Knowledge and Content Management with semantically enriched objects.


A research network of excellence (NoE) aiming at multimedia understanding through semantics, computation and learning.


An IP which aims to create a service-oriented andopen infrastructure to support the development life-cycle of such a new generation of semantic applications.


An EU funded STREP project which aims to focus on semantics related to interaction within 'open' systems.


A research network of excellence (NoE) with the theme of 'Reasoning on the Web'.


Aims at developing prototypes for the automatic generation of semantic descriptors for music audio content.


The objective of SUPER is to raise Business Process Management (BPM) to the business level. This objective requires that BPM is accessible at the level of semantics of business experts. The project is a follow-up of project DIP


SWAD - Europe
SWAD-Europe was an EU funded project (May 2002 - Oct 2004) aimed at supporting W3C's Semantic web initiative in Europe. A good summary of SWAD-Europe's aims and results can be found in this article in ERCIM News.


An application-oriented IP project aimed at semantic-enabled support for the acquisition, annotation, and re-use of information.


Web Services and Semantics (WS2) Project is a specific support action (SSA) funded by EU's IST programme. Main aim - to increase the awareness of existing and forthcoming W3C Web services Recommendations within European research and industry


 FP5  1998 - 2002

A European project (FP5) aimed at ontology-based information exchange for knowledge management and e-commerce. (This project has now been superseded by Knowledge Web in FP6.)


SCULPTEUR (Semantic and content-based multimedia exploitation for European benefit) is a three-year European project (FP5) that started in May 2002 and ended in 2005.


A project of the IST Program (FP5), SEWASIE (SEmantic Webs and AgentS in Integrated Economiesis) is implementing an advanced search engine that provides intelligent access to heterogeneous data sources on the web via semantic enrichment.


SWWS - Semantic Web Enabled Web Services
A project of the IST Program (FP5), focusing on three objectives - devising a description framework, a discovery framework and the mediation middleware for Semantic Web Services.


A 3-year project (2002 - 2004) of the IST Program (FP5), focusing on the development of ontologies.


 EU National Projects

The Advanced Knowledge Technologies project (AKT) is concerned with the management of the knowledge life cycle. It is funded by the UK's Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Councill (EPSRC) and the Medical Research Council (MRC).



Mobile applications of the Semantic Web, an initiative co-ordinated by DFKI (German research centre for AI)

Semantic Web School (Vienna, Austria)

Die Semantic Web School - Zentrum für Wissenstransfer

Online News, Journals

Journal of Web Semantics

Loosely Coupled - News, articles


SemNews - Semantically Search and browse today's news sources


WebServices.org - News, articles



WebServicesPipeline - News, trends, products

XML.com - all about XML


XMLMania.com - all about XML 2


Related Sites

DARPA Agent Markup Language Program (DAML)
A DARPA initiative to develop a language and tools to facilitate the concept of the Semantic Web.

Digital Enterprise Research Institute (DERI)
The home of numerous semantic web and web services projects and activities, based at the National University of Ireland , Galway.

World Wide Web consortium (W3C)
A forum for information, interoperable technologies and standards for WWW, including a Semantic Web section.

A site designed to promote and advance the state of the art in the establishment of the commercial Semantic Web.


An academic portal for the semantic web research community.


A web community dedicated to the use of semantic information management efforts in industry. The site is sponsored by Unicorn, a DIP partner


An Open Source development site for the Semantic Web. Funded by DAML.


Semantic Web Deutschland
An emerging portal with news and information for the SW community.


Semantic Web Europe
Looks remarkably similar to Semantic Web Deutschland.


SW gr - Semantic Web Greece
A portal with up-to-date news and information for the SW community - not only of Greece.


SemWebItaly (in Italian)
Questa pagina fa parte dello sforzo MultiLingual del progetto .


SemWebSpain (in Spanish)
Esta pagina es una parte del trabajo MultiLingual del proyecto .


FOAF Project - 'Friend of A Friend''

FOAF is about creating a Web of machine-readable homepages describing people, the links between them and the things they create and do.


IBM alphaWorks - emerging technologies

Semantics, the latest in a series of 'emerging technologies' topics on this site.



"the first site on the Semantic Web"


Protégé is an ontology editor tool, an open-source platform and library of OWL plug-ins, all wrapped up in one project


Semantic web and Informations Systems site


SOFA - Simple Ontology Framework API - is a Java programming interface for modelling ontologies with Java the language



Web services & Semantic Web Resources

Reference Material - Articles, white papers, technical specs, standards

OWL Web Ontology Language

OWL facilitates greater machine interpretability of Web content by providing additional vocabulary and formal semantics to the underlying languages (XML, RDF, RDF Schema...). It is an official W3C recommendation.


[ Feb, 2004]

Resource Description Framework (RDF)

The RDF provides an ontology system to support the exchange of knowledge on the Web. This also is a W3C recommendation. A brief introduction to RDF is also available here.



Web Services Description Language (WSDL) (Version 2.0)

The latest specification of WSDL (v2.0), defining a core language to describe Web services.

[ March 2004]


WSIndex - Web services & Semantic Web Resources

Service-Oriented Architecture and Web Services: Concepts, Technologies, and Tools - by Ed Ort, Sun Microsystems
An extended article from the Sun Developer Netrwork community site.
[The Source for Developers, April 2005]

The Semantic Web - by Tim Berners-Lee, James Hendler and Ora Lassila
  A long article (8 pages) on the Semantic Web and its future potential, written by Berners-Lee. It is rather dated, but interesting nevertheless in that it gives us the original vision of the idea of semantic web.
[Scientific American,
May 2001]

Enabling Semantic Web Services: The Web Service Modeling Ontology
  by Dieter Fensel, Holger Lausen, Axel Polleres, Jos de Bruijn, Michael Stollberg, Dumitru Roman, John Domingue.

[October 2006]

Information Integration with Ontologies: Experiences from an Industrial Showcase
 Joint Editors: Vladimir Alexiev, Michael Breu, Jos de Bruijn, Dieter Fensel, Ruben Lara, Holger Lausen.
[April 2005]

Towards the Semantic Web: Ontology-driven Knowledge Management
  by John Davies, Dieter Fensel, Frank van Harmelen
[Wiley, January 2003]

Spinning the Semantic Web: Bringing the World Wide Web to Its Full Potential
  by Dieter Fensel, James Hendler, Wolfgang Wahlster, Henry Lieberman
[MIT Press, January 2003]

Weaving the Web
  by Tim Berners-Lee