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Books / Book Chapters
Title Author(s) Publication / Publisher Date
Semantic Web Services - A Paradigm for Intelligent Web-Based Computing R. Studer, S. Grimm and A. Abecker Springer Verlag
Dec 2006
Enabling Semantic Web Services: The Web Service Modeling Ontology D. Fensel, H. Lausen, A. Polleres, J. de Bruijn, M. Stollberg, D. Roman, J. Domingue Database Management & Info Retrieval / Springer (hardcover)
Nov 2006
Semantic Web Technologies: Trends and Research in Ontology-based Systems

(Editor) John Davies,

(Co-Editors) Rudi Studer , Paul Warren

Networks / Wiley
Jul 2006
Information Integration with Ontologies: Experiences from an Industrial Showcase (Editors) V. Alexiev, M. Breu, J. de Bruijn, D. Fensel, R. Lara, H. Lausen General Communication Technology / John Wiley & Sons
Apr 2005
(Chapter) A Semantic Web Mediation Architecture M. Stollberg, E. Cimpian, A. Mocan, A. and D. Fensel

Canadian Semantic Web Series / Springer

Jun 2006
(Chapter 3) Web Services Modeling Ontology M. Zaremba, M. Kerrigan, A. Mocan and M. Moran Semantic Web Services, Processes and Applications (book) /  Springer
(Chapter 6) Basic Concepts in Choerography S. Arroyo Semantic Web Services, Processes and Applications (book) /  Springer
(Chapter) Enterprise Services Architecture & Semantic Web Services E. Dorner, C. Drumm, L. Heuser, Lemcke Semantic Content Engineering (book) / Salzburg NewMediaLab
Feb 2006
(Chapter) Summary of the DIP Industrial Workshop and papers of the speakers A. Wahler, J. Domingue, E. Dorner, D. Fensel, R. Benjamins Semantic Content Engineering (book) / Salzburg NewMediaLab
Feb 2006


Title Author(s) Publication / Publisher Date
A Quantitative Analysis of Product Categorization Standards: Content, Coverage, and Maintenance of eCl@ss, UNSPSC, eOTD, and the RosettaNet Technical Dictionary Knowledge and Information Systems (KAIS) M. Hepp, J. Leukel, V. Schmitz Knowledge and Information Systems / SpringerLink
Jan 2007
Possible Ontologies: How Reality Constrains the Development of Relevant Ontologies Martin Hepp IEEE Internet Computing, Vol. 11, No. 1, pp. 90-96, Jan - Feb 2007 / IEEE
Jan - Feb 2007
An Evaluation Framework for Discovery in Grid and Web Service Environments I. Toma, B. Sapkota, K. Iqbal, M. Mora, D. Roman and D. Fensel Internation Journal on Multiagent and Grid Systems, Special issue no. 4, 2006 / IOS Press
Dec 2006
Context Dependency Management in Ontology Engineering: a Formal Approach P. De Leenheer, A. deMoor, and R. Meersman LNCS Journal on Data Semantics VIII- Special Issue on Extended Papers from 2005 Conferences/ Springer
Dec 2006
A Flexible Directory Query Language for the Efficient Processing of Service Composition Queries  [205K, PDF] W. Binder, I. Constantinescu, and B. Faltings International Journal of Web Services Research, ISSN:1545-7362 / Idea Group
Oct - Dec 2006
Product Catalogue Management with Semantic Web Services  [285K, DOC]e M. Richardson, T. Midwinter BT Technology Journal, BT HP alliance Edition - Vol 24 no 4 / Springer
Oct 2006
A High-Level Specification for Virtual
M. Altenhofen, E. Börger, A. Friesen, J. Lemcke International Journal of Business Process Integration and Management, Special issue 2006 / Inderscience Publishers
July 2006
A Search Engine for QoS-enabled Discovery of Semantic Web Services L-H. Vu, M. Hauswirth, F. Porto, and K. Aberer International Journal of Business Process Integration and Management / Inderscience Publishers
June 2006
Semantic Management of Distributed Web Applications D. Oberle, S. Staab, and A. Eberhart IEEE Distributed Systems Online, vol. 7, no. 4, 2006, art. no. 0605-o5001 / IEEE
May 2006
A Quantitative Analysis of Product Categorization Standards: Content, Coverage, and Maintenance of eCl@ss, UNSPSC, eOTD, and the RosettaNet Technical Dictionary M. Hepp, J. Leukel and V. Schmitz Knowledge and Information Systems / Springer London
May - June 2006
Semantic Web and Semantic Web Services. Father and Son or Indivisible Twins? M. Hepp IEEE Internet Computing, Vol. 10, No.2, pp. 85-88 / IEEE
March - April 2006
A Multiagent System for the Reliable Execution of Automatically Composed Ad-hoc Processes

W. Binder, I. Constantinescu, B. Faltings, K. Haller, and C. Türker

Journal of Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent Systems 12(2), pp. 219-237 / SpringerLink
March 2006
Products and Services Ontologies: A Methodology for Deriving OWL Ontologies from Industrial Categorization Standards M. Hepp Int. Journal on Semantic Web and Information Systems, (IJSWIS), Vol. 2, No. 1, pp. 72-99 /
Jan - Mar 2006
Special Issue: Semantic Knowledge Management includes many DIP researchers

Journal of Knowledge Management (vol 9 issue 5, 2005) / Emerald

A Semantic Web Services Architecture C. Bussler, M. Zaremba, T. Finin, M. Huhns, M. Paolucci, A. Sheth, S. Williams, M. Burstein IEEE Internet Computing. Vol. 9, No. 5 / IEEE
Nov-Dec 2005
Enabling a scalable service-oriented architecture with semantic Web Services A. Duke, J. Davies and M. Richardson BT Technology Journal (Online), ISSN 1573-1995 , Vol. 23, No. 3, p191-201/ Springer Netherlands
July 2005
Web service modeling ontology D. Roman, U. Keller, H. Lausen, R. Lara J. de Bruijn, M. Stollberg, A. Polleres, C. Feier, D. Fensel, C. Bussler Applied Ontology 1 (2005) 77–106 77 / IOS Press
Jun 2005


Title Author(s) Conference / Venue Date
WSMX: a Middleware Platform to Enact Semantic SOA in a B2B Integration Scenario T. Hasselwanter, P. Kotinurmi, M. Moran, T. Vitvar, M. Zaremba ICSOC 2006 - 4th Int. Conference on Service Oriented Computing / Chicago, USA 4 - 7 Dec 2006
Translating Ontologies from Predicate-based to Frame-based Languages   [198K, PDF] J. de Bruijn and S. Heymans RuleML-2006 - 2nd Int. Conference on Rules and Rule Markup Languages for the Semantic Web / Athens, GA, USA 10 - 11 Nov 2006

A Semantic Web Services GIS based Emergency Management Application  [203K, PDF]

Runner-up app - Semantic Web Challenge

V. Tanasescu, A. Gugliotta, J. Domingue, R. Davies, L. Gutiérrez-Villarías, M. Rowlatt, M. Richardson, S. Stincic ICSW 2006 - 5th Int. Conference on Semantic Web / Athens, GA, USA 5 - 9 Nov 2006
Filling the Gap – Extending Service Oriented Architectures with Semantics A. Mocan, M. Zaremba, M. Moran and E. Cimpian SOAIC-2006 - Service-Oriented Applications, Integration and Collaboration  /  Shanghai, China 26 Oct 2006
Community Memory Activation with Collaboration Patterns? [154K, PDF]e Aldo deMoor CIRN 2006 - 3rd Prato Int. Community Informatics Conference /  Prato, Italy Oct 2006
Discovering and Improving Recovery Mechanisms of Composite Web Services   [1.8M, PDF] S. Bhiri, W. Gaaloul, C. Godart ICWS 2006 - International Conference on Web Services / Chicago, USA Sep 2006
Mediation Enabled Semantic Web Services Usage? [106K, PDF]

E. Cimpian, A. Mocan, M. Stollberg

ASWC 2006 1st Asian Semantic Web Conference / Beijing, China Sep 2006
WWW: WSMO, WSML, and WSMX in a nutshell  D. Roman, J. de Bruijn, A. Mocan, H. Lausen, J. Domingue, Ch. Bussler, D. Fensel
Experiences from Semantic Web Service Tutorials   [86K, PDF] M. Stollberg, M.Moran, J. Domingue SWET'06 - Semantic Web Education and Training Workshop / Beijing, China Sep 2006
DOGMA-MESS: A Meaning Evolution Support System for Interorganizational Ontology Engineering? [216K, PDF] A. de Moor, P. De Leenheer, R. Meersman

ICCS 2006- 14th International Conference on Conceptual Structures / Aalborg, Denmark

July 2006
Transactional Patterns for Reliable Web Services Compositions  [732K, PDF] S. Bhiri, O. Perrin, C. Godart ICWE 2006- International Conference on Web Engineering / Stanford, CA, USA July 2006
WSTO: A Classification-Based Ontology for Managing Trust in Semantic Web Services [277K, PDF] Stefania Galizia

ESWC 2006 - 3d European Semantic Web Conference 2006 / Budva, Montenegro

11-14 June 2006
Matching Semantic Service Descriptions with Local Closed-World Reasoning   [222K, PDF] S. Grimm, B. Motik, and C. Preist
Harvesting Wiki Consensus - Using Wikipedia Entries as Ontology Elements   [97K, PDF] M. Hepp , D. Bachlechner , K. Siorpaes
A Semantic Web GIS based Emergency Management System    [208K, PDF] V. Tanasescu, A. Gugliotta, J. Domingue, L. Gutierrez, R. Davies, M. Rowlatt, M. Richardson
On the Semantics of Functional Descriptions of Web Services    [227K, PDF] U. Keller, H. Lausen, M. Stollberg
Towards the Semantic Web in E-Tourism: Can Annotation Do the Trick    [72K, PDF] M. Hepp, K. Siorpaes, D. Bachlechner ECIS 2006-14th European Conference on Information Systems / Goteborg, Sweden June 2006
The True Complexity of Product Representation in the Semantic Web    [104K, PDF] Martin Hepp
Semantic Web Services Grounding  [100K, PDF] J. Kopecky, D. Roman, M. Moran, D. Fensel ICIW'06 - International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services /Guadeloupe, French Caribbean

23-25 Feb 2006

Distributed Web Service Discovery Architecture  [88K, PDF] B. Sapkota, D. Roman, D. Fensel
Role of Triple Space Computing in Semantic Web Services    [114K, PDF] B. Sapkota, E. Kilgarriff, Ch. Bussler APWeb 2006 - The Eighth Asia Pacific Web Conference / Harbin, China

16-18 Jan 2006

The Choreography Model for IRS-III    [276K, PDF] J. Domingue, S. Galizia and L. Cabral HICSS 39 - Hawaii International Conference On System Sciences / Kauai, Hawaii

4 - 7 Jan 2006

WWW or What Is Wrong with Web Services   [99K, PDF] R. Krummenacher, M. Hepp, A. Polleres, Ch. Bussler and D. Fensel IEEE ECOWS 2005: 3rd IEEE European Conference on Web Services / Växjö, Sweden

14-16 Nov 2005

Multiversion Concurrency Control for Large-Scale Service Directories  [1M, PDF] W. Binder, I. Constantinescu, B. Faltings, S. Spycher
Experiences with OWL-S, Directions for Service Composition: The Cashew Position   [83K, PDF] Barry Norton OWLED 2005:  OWL Experiences and Directions / Galway, Ireland

11-12 Nov 2005

Closed World Reasoning in the Semantic Web through Epistemic Operators   [155K, PDF] S. Grimm and B. Motik
On the Properties of Metamodeling in OWL   [280K, PDF]

Boris Motik

Prize winning paper

ISWC 2005: 4th International Semantic Web Conference / Galway, Ireland

6 - 10 Nov 2005

Choreography in IRS-III – Coping with Heterogeneous Interaction Patterns in Web Services   [460K, PDF] J. Domingue, S. Galizia and L. Cabral
Representing the Hierarchy of Industrial Taxonomies in OWL: The gen/tax Approach   [68K, PDF] Martin Hepp
Representing the Hierarchy of Industrial Taxonomies in OWL: The gen/tax Approach    [68K, PDF] Martin Hepp
QoS-based Service Selection and Ranking with Trust and Reputation Management    [237K, PDF] Le-Hung Vu, M. Hauswirth, K. Aberer CoopIS 2005- International Conference on  Cooperative Information Systems / Ayia Napa, Cyprus 31 Oct - 4 Nov, 2005
Improving information retrieval effectiveness by using domain knowledge stored in ontologies [133K, PDF] Gabor Nagypal
Optimized Index Structures for Querying RDF from the Web   [136K, PDF] A. Harth, S. Decker LA-Web 2005- 3d Latin American web Congress / Buenos Aires, Argentina 31 Oct- 02 Nov, 2005
Semantic Business Process Management: Using Semantic Web Services for Business Process Managements  [92.7K, PDF] M. Hepp, F. Leymann, Ch. Bussler, J. Domingue, A. Wahler, D. Fensel ICEBE 2005 - IEEE Conference on e-Business Engineering / Beijing, China

18-20 Oct 2005

A Quantitative Analysis of eCl@ss, UNSPSC, eOTD, and RNTD Content, Coverage, and Maintenances [92.7K, PDF] M. Hepp, J. Leukel, V. Schmitz
Optimal Workflow Execution in Grid Environments   [453K, PDF] W. Binder, I. Constantinescu, B. Faltings, N. Heterd GSEM 2005- 2nd Int. Conference on Grid Service Engineering and Management / Erfurt, Germany 19-22 Sep 2005
Web Service Discovery in Distributed and Heterogeneous Environments    [67K, PDF] Brahmananda Sapkota WI 2005 - Web Intelligence 2005 / Compiegne, France

19-22 Sep 2005

Adding Semantics to Business Intelligence   [566K, PDF] D. Sell, L. Cabra, E. Motta, J. Domingue, and R. Pacheco DEXA 2005 Database and Expert Systems Applications DEXA2005 / Copenhagen, Denmark 22-26 Aug 2005
An overlay network for resource discovery in Grids    [174K, PDF]

M. Hauswirth, R. Schmidt

invited paper GLOBE'05

Behavioural Types for Synchronous Software Composition   [205K, PDF] Barry Norton FIT 2005 - Foundations of Interface Technologies / S.F., USA 21 Aug 2005
A Semantic Web Service-based Architecture for the Interoperability of E-government Services   [194K, PDF] A. Gugliotta, L. Cabral, J. Domingue, V. Roberto, M. Rowlatt and R. Davies ICWE 2005 - 5th International Conference on web Engineering / Sydney, Australia

25-29 July 2005

Semantic Web Service Composition in IRS-III: The Structured Approach  [113K, PDF] F. Hakimpour, D. Sell, L. Cabral, J. Domingue and E. Motta IEEE CEC 2005 - 7th International IEEE Conference on E-Commerce Technology / Munich, Germany

19-22 July 2005

A Semantic Web based Architecture for Analytical Tools    [3470K, PDF] D. Sell, L. Cabral, E. Motta, J. Domingue, F. Hakimpour, R. Pacheco
Matching Composed Semantic Web Services at Publishing Time    [130K, PDF] A. Friesen, M. Altenhofen
Flexible and Efficient Matchmaking and Ranking in Service Directories  [168K, PDF] I. Constantinescu, W. Binder, and B. Faltings ICWS-2005 IEEE International Conference on Web Services / Orlando, USA 12-15 July 2005
Configuration Based Workflow Composition   [330K, PDF] P. Albert, L. Henocque, M. Kleine
Selection and Ranking of Propositional Formulas for Large-Scale Service Directories  [205K, PDF] I. Constantinescu, W. Binder, B. Faltings AAAI 2005 - Twentieth National Conference on Artificial Intelligence / Pittsburgh, USA 9-13 July 2005
Automatic Location of Services  [148K, PDF] U. Keller, R. Lara, H. Lausen, A. Polleres, D. Fensel ESWC'05 - 2nd European Semantic Web Conference / Heraklion, Greece 29 May -1 June, 2005
Optimally Distributing Interactions between Composed Semantic Web Services   [193K, PDF] I. Constantinescu, W. Binder, B. Faltings
Lexically evaluating ontology triples generated automatically from texts  [258K, PDF] P. Spyns, M.-L. Reinberger
Towards B2B Integration in Telecommunications with Semantic Web Services      [399K, PDF] A. Duke, M. Richardson, S. Watkins, M. Roberts
A Methodology for Deriving OWL Ontologies from Products and Services Categorization Standards [88K, PDF] Martin Hepp ECIS 2005 - 13th European Conference on Information Systems / Regensburg, Germany 26-28 May 2005
Semantic Discovery Optimisation   [49K, PDF] A. Friesen, M. Altenhofen WEBIST 2005 - Web Information System and Technologies, Miami, USA 26-28 May 2005
A Decomposition Rule for Decision Procedures by Resolution-based Calculi     [239K, PDF] U. Hustadt, B. Motik, U. Sattler LPAR - Logic for Programming Artificial Intelligence and Reasoning Proceedings / Montevideo, Uruguay 14-18 Mar 2005
An Extensible Directory Enabling Efficient Semantic Web Service Integration     [731K, PDF] I. Constantinescu, W. Binder, and B. Faltings ISWC2004 -  3rd International Semantic Web Conference / Hiroshima, Japan 7-11 Nov 2004
GODO: Goal driven orchestration for Semantic Web Services    [136K, PDF] J.M. Gómez, M. Rico, F. García-Sánchez, R. Martínez Béjar, Ch. Bussler WIW 2004, 1st WSMO Implementation Workshop / Frankfurt, Germany 29-30 Sep 2004
WOOGLE meets Semantic Web Fred   [184K, PDF] U. Keller, M. Stollberg, D. Fensel
IRS-III: A Platform and Infrastructure for Creating WSMO-based Semantic Web Services [268K, PDF] J. Domingue, L. Cabral, F. Hakimpour, D. Sell, E. Motta
Using WSMX to bind Requester & Provider at Runtime when Executing Semantic Web Services [268K, PDF] M. Moran, M. Zaremba, A. Mocan, Ch. Bussler
Architecture for an Ontology and Web Service Modelling Studio    [100K, PDF] H. Lausen, M. Felderer
WSMX Execution Semantics: Executable Software Specification    [176K, PDF] Eyal Oren
Towards a Choreography for IRS-III   [292K, PDF] S. Galizia, J. Domingue
Demonstrating WSMX: Least Cost Supply Management    [176K, PDF] A. Wahler, E. Oren, B. Schreder, A. Balaban, Mich. Zaremba, Mar. Zaremba
A Directory for Web Service Integration Supporting Custom Query Pruning and Ranking   [226 K, PDF] W. Binder, I. Constantinescu, B. Faltings ECOWS 2004 - European Conference on Web Services / Erfurt, Germany 27-30 Sept 2004
Online Social and Business Networking Communities    [416K, PDF] I. O’Murchu, J. G. Breslin, S. Decker SWWC 2004, Application of Semantic Web Technologies to Web Communities / Valencia, Spain 23-27 Aug 2004
International Affairs Portal: A Semantic Web Application    [272K, PDF] J. Contreras , V.R.Benjamins , M. Blázquez , S. Losada , R. Salla , J. Sevilla, D. Navarro , J. Casillas , A. Mompó , D. Patón , L. Rodrigo, P. Tena , I. Martos
Large scale, type-compatible service composition   [319K, PDF] I. Constantinescu, B. Faltings, and W. Binder ICWS 2004 - Int. Conference on Web Services / San Diego, USA 6-9 July, 2004
Large scale testbed for type compatible service composition    [75K, PDF] I. Constantinescu, B. Faltings, and W. Binder ICAPS 2004 - 14Th Int. Conf. on Automated Planning & Scheduling / Wistler, BC, Canada 3-7 June, 2004
Type Based Service Composition   (Poster)   [95K, PDF] I. Constantinescu, B. Faltings, and W. Binder WWW2004 Conference / New York, USA 17-22 May, 2004
Semantic Web Technologies for Economic and Financial Information Management    [176K, PDF] P. Castells, B. Foncillas, R. Lara, M. Rico, J. Luis Alonso ESWS 2004, 1st European Semantic Web Symposium / Heraklion, Greece 10-12 May 2004
Neptuno: Semantic Web Technologies for a Digital Newspaper Archive    [332K, PDF] P. Castells, F. Pedrix, E. Pulido, M. Rico, R. Benjamins, J. Contreras, J. Lores
Applying Semantic Web Technologies for Tourism Information Systems   [324K, PDF] A. Maedchea, and S. Staabb
Collaborative Semantic Web Browsing with Magpie [808K, PDF] J. Domingue, M. Dzbor and E. Motta
Methods for Porting Resources to the Semantic Web   [152K, PDF] B. Wielinga, J. Wielemaker, G. Schreiber, M. van Assem
Approaches to Semantic Web Services: An Overview and Comparisons   [292K, PDF] J. Domingue, E. Motta, T. Payne, F. Hakimpour
Active Ontologies for Data Source Queries   [224K, PDF] J. de Bruijn, H. Lausen
Directory Services for Incremental Service Integration   [260K, PDF] I. Constantinescu, B. Faltings, and W. Binder



Workshops / Symposia
Title Author(s) Conference / Venue Date
Towards a Semantic Event-Based
Service-Oriented Architecture
  [85K, PDF]
C. Pedrinaci, M. Moran, B. Norton SWESE 2006 - 2nd International Workshop on Semantic Web Enabled Software Engineering / Athens, GA, USA 6 Nov 2006
WSDL RDF Mapping: Developing Ontologies From Standardized XML Languages  [213K, PDF] Jacek Kopecky OIS 2006 - 1st Int. Workshop on Ontologizing Industrial Standards / Tuscon, AZ, USA 6 Nov 2006
Aligning WSMO and WS-Policy  [108K, PDF] D. Roman, J. Kopecky, I. Toma, D. Fensel SWPW'06 - 2nd International Semantic Web Policy Workshop / Athens, GA, USA 5 - 9 Nov 2006
3-Level Software Composition and Cashew: A Model for Orchestration and Choreography in Semantic Web Services  [239K, PDF] B. Norton, C. Pedrinaci AWeSOMe'06 - 2nd Workshop on Agents, Web Services and Ontologies Merging / Montpellier, France 29 Oct 2006
Web Service Scope Annotations? [165K, PDF] J. Kopecky,T. Strang sdisco'06 - Service Discovery on the WWW Workshop /  Beijing, China 4 Sep 2006
A Semantic Web Mediation Architecture  [241K, PDF] M. Stollberg, E. Cimpian, A. Mocan, D. Fensel Canadian Semantic Web Working Symposium / Quebec, Canada 6 June 2006
Integrating eGovernment Services using Semantic Web Technologies   [194K, PDF] Christian DRUMM The Semantic Web meets eGovernment (2006 AAAI Spring Symposium) / Calif., USA

27 -29

March 2006

Interoperation between Information Spaces on the Web  [170K, PDF] Andreas HARTH EDBT Ph.D. Workshop 2006, (EDBT 10th Conference 2006) / Munich, Germany 26 March 2006
Service Composition with Directories  [384K, PDF] I. Constantinescu, W. Binder, B. Faltings SC-2006 - 5th International Symposium on Software Composition / Vienna, Austria 25 -26 March 2006
OWLIM – a Pragmatic Semantic Repository for OWL  [150K, PDF] A. Kiryakov, D. Ognyanov, D. Manov SSWS 2005: Intl. Workshop on Scalable Semantic Web Knowledge Base Systems (WISE 2005) / NY, USA 26 Nov 2005
Peer-to-Peer Technology Usage in Web Service Discovery and Matchmaking   [128K, PDF] B. Sapkota, L. Vasiliu, I. Toma, D. Roman, and Ch. Bussler
OntoWiki: Community-driven Ontology Engineering and Ontology Usage based on Wikiss [138K, PDF] M. Hepp, D. Bachlechner, K. Siorpaes WikiSym 2005 - International Symposium on Wikis / San Diego, USA 16-18 Oct 2005
A High-Level Specification for Mediators Virtual Providers   [312K, PDF] M. Altenhofen, E. Borger, J. Lemcke BPM 2005 - 1st International Workshop on Web Service Choreography and Orchestration for Business Process Management / Nancy, France 5 Sep 2005
A constrained object model for configuration based workflow composition   [160K, PDF] P. Albert, L. Henocque, M. Kleiner
Towards P2P-based Semantic Web Service Discovery with QoS Support  [302K, PDF] L-H Vu, M. Hauswirth, K. Aberer 
WSMX Process Mediation Based on Choreographies   [153K, PDF] E. Cimpian, A. Mocan
A Compositional Operational Semantics for OWL-S    [170K, PDF] B. Norton, S. Foster, A. Hughes WS-FS'05 - 2nd International Workshop on Web Services and Formal Methods / Versaille, France 1-3 Sep 2005
A position statement on IRS-III   [30K, HTM] J. Domingue, L. Cabral, S. Galizia, E. Motta W3C Workshop on Frameworks for Semantics in Web Services / Innsbruck, Austria 9-10 June 2005
WSMX Process Mediation   [73K, PDF] E. Cimpian, M. Kerrigan WIW 2005 - 2nd WSMO Implementation Workshop / Innsbruck, Austria 6 - 7 June, 2005
Towards Translating between XML and WSML  [107K, PDF] M. Moran, A. Mocan
WSMO Studio - an Integrated Service Environment for WSMO  [137K, PDF] M. Dimitrov, A. Simov, V. Momtchev, D. Ognyanov
An Execution Semantics for Mediation Patterns  [268K, PDF] M. Altenhofen, E. Börger, J. Lemcke
The WSML Editor Plug-in to the Web Services Modeling Toolkit   [131K, PDF]

Mick Kerrigan

A P2P Discovery mechanism for Web Service Execution Environment   [345K, PDF] I. Toma, B. Sapkota, J. Scicluna, J. Miguel Gomez, D. Roman, D. Fensel
A Minimal Triple Space Computing Architecture    [82K, PDF] Christoph Bussler
Reasoning Tasks and Mediation on Choreography and Orchestration in WSMO   [147K, PDF] Michael Stollberg
Enabling Components Management and Dynamic Execution Semantic in WSMX  [417K, PDF] T. Haselwanter, M. Zaremba and M. Zaremba
WSML - a Language Framework for Semantic Web Services    [16K, HTML] J. de Bruijn, H. Lausen, A. Polleres, D. Fensel W3C Workshop on Rule Languages for Interoperability / Washington USA 27-28 April, 2005
The WSML rule languages for the Semantic Web    [20K, HTML] J. de Bruijn, H. Lausen, A. Polleres, D. Fensel
Directory Support for Large-Scale, Automated Service Composition    [83K, PDF] W. Binder, I. Constantinescu, B. Faltings SC-2005, Software Composition / Edinburgh, Scotland April 2005
Variance in e-Business Service Discovery   [173 K, PDF] S. Grimm, B. Motik, C. Preist SWS 2004 Semantic Web Services: Preparing to Meet the World of Business Applications / Hiroshima, Japan November 2004
A Logical Framework for Web Service Discovery    [130K, PDF] M. Kifer, R. Lara, A. Polleres, C. Zhao, U. Keller, H. Lausen, D. Fensel
Triple-space computing: Semantic Web Services based on persistent publication of information    [156K, PDF] Dieter Fensel
A Mediated Approach towards Web Service Choreography   [68K, PDF] M. Stollberg, D. Roman, J. Miguel Gomez
The DIP Project: Enabling Systems & Solutions For Processing Digital Content With Semantic Web Services    [296 K, PDF] L. Vasiliu, S. Harand AND E. Cimpian EWIMT 2004 European Workshop on the Integration of Knowledge, Semantics and Digital Media Technology / London, UK 25-26 Nov 2004