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Press Releases

SEMANTICS 2006: From Visions to Applications - The new Paradigm Shift in IT

The second annual international technology conference SEMANTICS 2006 will be held at TechGate Vienna, Austria from the 28th to 30th November, 2006. DIP supported this event, where a special SWS session was held with the participation of project members. This press release, made on PRLeap, appeares in Yahoo News, Google News and several other tech news sources.
14 Nov 2006

DIP Showcase nominated finalist of Semantic Web Challenge 2006

The DIP showcase Semantic Web Services GIS based Emergency Management Application has recently been short-listed as one of top five applications in this year’s Semantic Web Challenge 2006. 
31 Aug 2006

300 Delegates Discuss the Next Generation of the Web at the European
Semantic Web Conference

Over 300 semantic technology researchers and practitioners took part in the 3rd European Semantic Web Conference in the Montenegrin town of Budva. The ESWC conference series is organised by the European Semantic Systems Initiative (ESSI), which is a group of four European Commission 6th Framework Programme projects ASG, DIP, Knowledge Web and SEKT.
30 Jun 2006

SDK joins forces with Adaptive Services Grid (ASG) for European Semantic Systems Initiative (ESSI)
The SDK Cluster (SEKT, DIP, Knowledge Web) announcement of a strategic alignment with ASG (Adaptive Services Grid) resulting in the formation of the European Semantic Systems Initiative (ESSI).  The announcement was also publicised on IST Results under the heading 'European Semantic Systems Initiative launched'.
14 Nov 2005

DERI leads new OASIS Semantic Execution Environment Technical Committee for Service Orientated Architecture
DIP partners NUIG (DERI Galway), UIBK(DERI Innsbruck) and the Open University are set to play a leading role in the new OASIS Semantic Execution Environment (SEE) Technical Committee for Service Orientated Architectures.
8 Nov 2005

WSMO Targets W3C Semantic Web Activity
The WSMO Working Group announces the the submission of its Web Services Modeling Ontology to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) (http:/www.w3.org/ Submission/2005/06).  The PRWeb version is available here.
8 June 2005

WSMO Starts To Fly In Semantic Web Services Applications
The clear message from WIW 2004, the first Web Services Modelling Ontology (WSMO) implementation workshop held in Frankfurt, was that the implementation of WSMO in applications in Semantic Web Services has taken off.
2 Nov 2004

Europe’s semantic web projects start to mesh.
An international audience of over 220 semantic web specialists and enthusiasts from Europe, USA, Australia and Japan attended the 1st European Semantic Web Symposium (ESWS 2004) on 10-12 May in Heraklion, Crete. The PRWeb version is available here.
21 May 2004

Europe spins the semantic web.
The semantic web, initiated by World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee, has the potential to rank as one of this decade’s most important software developments. A number of exciting new semantic web projects have been recently launched as part of Europe’s latest framework research programme. These projects are being showcased in the 1st European Semantic Web Symposium (ESWS 2004) on 10-12 May in Heraklion. The PRWeb version is available here.
10 May 2004
In The News...

Emergency-management application finalist in Semantic Web Challenge 2006

A short news item from IST Results.
9 Sept 2006

Semantic rescue in snow blizzard emergency

An article from IST Results.
15 July 2006

Research aims to beat the Stansted snow chaos

An article from Online EETimes UK on the eGovernment case study of DIP.
14 July 2006

Research Into Greater Interoperability

An article from the SAP public information site, mentioning DIP as one of [SAP's] research projects tackling key issues of interoperability.
12 December 2005

AgentLink News (#19) - Web Services with Web Services Modeling Ontology (WSMO) (Feature Article)
This is an article, penned by John Domingue, Dieter Fensel and Dumitru Roman, appearing in the November 2005 issue (#19) of this European Coordination Action project Newsletter.
November 2005

Das Semantic Web auf dem Weg in die Praxis

A small article (in German) reporting on the Semantic 2005 conference in Vienna, Austria. It mentions DIP, the e-Government case study and WSMO. Appeared in Heise Online (26.11.2005).

26 November 2005

DIP project makes pitch to W3C standards body

A small article appearing on the IST Results pages of CORDIS, the EU's Researchonline publication.

05 July 2005

WSMO Press Release

The Press Release 'WSMO Targets W3C Semantic Web Activity' was picked up by various online news services. These include: Cover Pages  Hotsearch ( 'DERI Submits Web Services Modeling Ontology to W3C'); Google News; Yahoo News;  ArriveNet; WebServices.org;

10 June 2005

Radio Interviews with Dieter Fensel, Director, DERI (in German)

(The interviews were conducted during the Semantic Web Services Week in Innsbruck, 6-10 June)

- With RADIO ÖSTERREICH 1 (9 June) "Forscher der Uni Innsbruck machen intelligentes Internet möglich"

(Read the Transcript  listen to the audio clip)

- With LIFE RADIO TIROL (8 June) "Uni entwickelt neue IT-Superintelligenz"

(Read the Transcript  listen to the audio clip)

June 2005

Berlecon baut Analysen zu Web Services und Semantic Web aus

Article (in German) appearing in contentmanager.de, by Berlecon.

19 Feb 2004

Das Internet der nächsten Generation

Press Release (in German) appearing in BerliNews, by Berlecon.

19 Feb 2004

Interoperability of Major Semantic Web Service Platforms

A successful collaboration between DERI Galway, DERI Innsbruck and the Knowledge Media Institute (Open University) has resulted in making the WSMX semantic web services platform interoperate with KMI's Internet Reasoning Service (IRS).

20 Aug 2004

IST projects helping to weave the Semantic Web.

The first European Semantic Web Syposium (ESWC), attended by more than 220 semantic Web specialists and enthusiasts worldwide, showcased three major EU-funded semantic web projects.

28 May 2004

Furthering research into the semantic web.
Research is currently being carried to look into the semantic web, which aims to provide support in processing information and information exchange rather than just rendering information.
26 May 2004

European Semantic Web Symposium, May 2004
The first European Semantic Web Symposium will take place on 10-12 May in Heraklion, Crete. Presentations will be given on FP6 IST projects that focus on the Semantic Web. IST project OntoWeb, which is due to finish in May, will hold its final thematic network seminar at the same conference
5 April 2004
Project Publicity Materials

- DIP promotional movie   [25MB, .wmv file, requires Windows Media Player]

-- DIP Promotional movie  [19MB, .mov file, requires Quicktime Player or compatible device]

- DIP Promotional movie  [streamed video from video.google.com]

December 2006
The DIP Poster  [805K, Powerpoint]
November 2005
The DIP Flyer  [176K, PDF]
November 2006

DIP - Project Presentation   [4.5M, Powerpoint]
Last presentation of the project given at the 2006 Final Review of DIP inInnsbruck, Austria.

October 2006

   Click to hear the DIP elevator pitch  [30 seconds, .mp3 file]

   Longer version of the pitch [3 mins, .mp3]

January 2006

DIP -Annual Project Report 2004 [2.3M, Word]

DIP -Annual Project Report 2005 [136K, Word]

DIP -Annual Project Report 2006 [827K, Word]
The public version of the project's latest annual report is also available from the ISTWeb site

December 2004

December 2005

December 2006

DIP - Project Presentation ('The Big Picture')  [754K, Powerpoint]
Prof. Christoph Bussler gives a "Big Picture" presentation on DIP at the kick-off meeting in Innsbruck. The presentation is entitled "DIP Data, Information, and Process Integration with Web Services".

January 2004

DIP -The WSMX-Files [12MB, 15 mins, .exe File, requires Macromedia Flash Player ] - Latest
The Hidden Agenda behind DIP with a message from the future.

1 April 2015