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News Archive 2006

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SOA & WS :    The top SOA/Web services stories of 2006  (Part 2)

There are numerous misconceptions about the Semantic Web, largely caused by a misunderstanding of its aims and technologies. In this simple FAQ the author helps dispel some of the myths.


SW:    The Semantic Web: Everything you wanted to know but were too afraid to ask

There are numerous misconceptions about the Semantic Web, largely caused by a misunderstanding of its aims and technologies. In this simple FAQ the author helps dispel some of the myths.


SOA & WS :    The top SOA/Web services stories of 2006  (Part 1)

There's always hype around a hot technology, or in this case a hot methodology for deploying technology. Yet the sheer weight of new SOA-themed products, of new SOA standards, of changes in the industry caused by SOA and, most importantly, of users actually embracing SOA is massive.


SW forecast :    Coming Soon - The Semantic Web

Will 2007 usher in a new era for the Web? That's what a few stealth-mode software entrepreneurs are aiming for. San Francisco-based Radar Networks says it is working on several "semantic Web" applications. One big benefit they may bring is much-more-targeted Web searching.


SW search :    European search engine project in trouble

Germany pulls out of the European Quaero search engine project and sets up its own. The German language newspaper Deutsche Welle reports that Germany is leaving the project. “We will still seek cooperation, but in another form, such as work groups,” a spokesman for Germany’s economics ministry says. “The consortium between the German and French governments is over.”

Web search :    IBM enters free search tools market

With the launch on 13 December 2006 of OmniFind Yahoo!, IBM has made a highly public move against rivals like Google and Microsoft. The new product stems from a partnership between IBM and Yahoo!. IBM supplies the search engine, based on the open-source Apache Lucene software, and Yahoo! lends its user interface and Web search services.


WS future :    Sun Announces Revolutionary Version of Java Technology -Java SE 6

Major Java release provides significant enhancements for Web Services and Web 2.0development and support for dynamic languages, Windows Vista and NetBeans Tools, says Sun.


SW & WS future :    Where's i-Technology Headed in 2007?

Among the many predictions by the pundits, the following: The rise of the Semantic Web; Increased use of AJAX Applications (4 votes); WS-BPEL 2.0 specification will finally be approved as an OASIS standard; We stop talking about SOA and "just do it."

SW Wiki :    Semantic Wikis and Disaster Relief Operations

Over the last years social-networking web systems, such as wikis, have become more and more sophisticated and can also be applied fruitfully in humanitarian information management. However, a major drawback of the Web currently is that its content is not machine-readable, a shortcoming that is addressed by the Semantic Web approach.


WS network :    Denmark builds XML-based Web services commerce network

The Danish government plans on instituting a massive service-oriented e-commerce network by late 2007 that will generate Universal Business Language (UBL) 2.0 business documents such as purchase orders and invoices for both public and private sector transactions.


Semantic TV?:    "BT invents semantic television"

Accidental Lovers, which is to be broadcast on Finnish television on 27 December, is a romantic comedy with a difference — the ability of  its viewers to influence the storyline as the programme goes out. What this shape-shifted TV amounts to is somewhat analogous to the "Semantic Web", in that objects within it need to be categorised through "semi-automatic description techniques" to allow the finished product to be quickly assembled as user preferences are inputted.


SOA standards :   WS-I moves forward on interoperability, SOA

SOA architects have been awaiting these deliverables, which provide guidance on interoperability for core Web services and business processes in enterprises. WS-I focuses on helping vendors and users implement Web services rather than having users labor with the multitude of specifications. WS-I includes members such as IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, and Sun Microsystems.


WS apps :    Search engine aids rights workers

Human rights groups around the world are creating a search engine to help co-ordinate campaigns against abuse. The database behind the search system pools data about dissidents, the abuse they have suffered, and campaigns that highlight when freedoms are restricted. More than 3,000 groups around the world are contributing information to the database.


SW future apps :   Doctor Google will see you now...

A group of physicians from Australia used Google to make a diagnosis of illnesses of 26 real-life cases. Before being told what diagnoses had been made in the case notes, they logged into the internet, tapped in a few details and got it right in 58 per cent of the cases they used. The British Medical journal extrapolates and talks about "web enabled medical ontologies" and the development of the "semantic web" as the next steps forward in computer-aided diagnosis.


SW apps :    UK's Financial regulator says it's too soon for semantic web technology

A technology that allows for automated processing of financial information has been rejected by the UK's financial regulator. The Financial Services Authority (FSA) has said that there is not enough expertise in the UK to use the XBRL language (eXtensible Business Reporting Language).

SOA tools :    IBM extends SOA tools for desktop

The 7.0 desktop tools, which are based on the Eclipse platform, complement previously released server-side products such as IBM Rational ClearQuest 7.0. Among the tools being upgraded include: Application Developer for WebSphere Software, Software Modeler, Systems Developer and others.


SOA:    Redrawing the Business Processes

Ask anyone in charge of constructing an SOA (service-oriented architecture), and they'll tell you that the hardest part isn't the technology; it's redrawing the business processes that provide the basis for the architecture -- and the often contentious reshuffling of roles and responsibilities that ensues.


SOA:    A Buzzword is Born: "Blurring"

"Blurring" is the notion of blurring the line between your enterprise applications, and services and information found on the Internet. Or, blurring the lines between your SOA and the emerging Web 2.0.


WS sandbox  Microsoft Seeks Partners To Combine Web Services, Telecom

Microsoft has launched a program to attract partners in developing and testing communication services that combine Web services with traditional telecommunications offerings.  The Connected Services Sandbox supports the creation of "managed network mash-ups" that combine Web services with telecommunications offerings, such as voice, video, and data services.


SOA & WS   Web Services ''Reuse'' is Number One Driver for SOA

According to new research from market analyst firm Hurwitz & Associates, a report titled “Executive Survey: SOA Implementation Satisfaction ” confirms that the top drivers for SOA adoption include the expectation of greater reuse in existing and newly-built Web services, business flexibility, ease of integration and speed of integration – with nearly 90% of respondents pointing to service reuse as their number one concern .

Web 2.0 +     What Comes After Web 2.0?

Today's primitive prototypes show that a more intelligent Internet is still a long way off. ... concludes this MIT Technology Review article.


WS standards   The good, the bad, and the ugly -WS-splat standards rated

How have the bewildering array of WS-* specs been faring as of late? Does anyonSteve care? Stevee Jonesdoes not mince any words in his latest critique of the WS-splats, separating the good from the bad and ugly.


WS evolution    Ballmer outlines Microsoft's vision for web services evolution

The software giant's chief executive says that services will form the company's fourth 'core', after the desktop, server and entertainment divisions. MS's vision of WSs differs from those of other players in the field. Microsoft believes web services will work in tandem with PC-installed software, rather than as a 'software as a service' concept subscribed to by most other advocates.


SW vision    Applying Semantic Web Ideals

"... too much of the Semantic Web relies on data being valid - that is, valid XML, XHTML, RDF, etc. - and too many of us will never publish valid data.…If the Semantic Web hopes to exist, it's going to have to deal with invalid HTML, badly-formed XML, and RSS with vague entity escaping. The Semantic Web may happen, but if it does, it's going to be a helluva lot messier than the architects would like."


EU R&D   Distributed information system to improve crisis management

Terrorist attacks, natural catastrophes and industrial disasters have proven the need for efficient crisis management solutions, to share information and improve coordination between the various actors involved in managing large-scale emergencies. The MEDSI project, which ended in October 2005, resulted in the creation of a prototype crisis management system, which uses web services to automatically obtain and exchange information from numerous sources, to support decision-making at crisis management centres.

WS & RDF    Web Syndication and the RDF

Although RDF has been around from some time (since the mid-1990s) it only became a W3C Recommendation in February of 2004.   RDF is also part of the W3C's Semantic Web activity, which is designed to provide "a common framework that allows data to be shared and reused across application, enterprise and community boundaries."  RDF actually has a fairly simple mission: it provides a well-documented way to represent metadata about Web resources


SW apps    Music and Metadata

The Semantic Web: an idea that data used to describe information on the Web should be structured in such a way so it can be easily reused by different people in different ways. For music lovers or musicians, a down-to-earth, practical view of the Semantic Web is dearly needed... The article looks at how the solutions compare for the Web and the Semantic Web by using Semantic Web tools produced by W3C, HP, and MIT under the SIMILE project.


Web 3.0 & SW    www.thenewrevolutionaries

It's boom time again in Silicon Valley and there is opportunity around every corner. Each month $180m (£94m) is invested in technology companies aspiring to change the lives of every person on the planet. A whole new world wide web is on the horizon. An interesting generalist article from the Guardian (UK) newspaper.


Semantics apps      Storing the semantics embedded in digital shapes

AIM@SHAPE, an EU funded RTD project which started in January 2004, is about to come to an end. The project has sought to develop a theoretical model to illustrate how a shape can be described, not only in terms of a shape's quantitative geometric properties but also in semantic context, including software tools. This approach has allowed the project team to develop integrated ontologies, semantic descriptions, as machine-readable code, both for the shapes and for the research software using these figures.

Web 2.0     Mashups make services flow

One of the keys to making web services more accessible is using web addresses URIs (uniform resource identifiers) to identify data. Many organisations have begun using standards such as XML, but so many are still relying on proprietary identifiers, which make it impossible to hook into their web services without first learning what the identifiers mean, says Nick Gall, Gartner Research vice-president.


SW & Standards    Rebooting HTML for the semantic web

[Tim Berners-Lee's] current project, the semantic web, is an attempt to carry web standards to a level beyond anything we’ve known so far. Its goal is to transform today’s web into a semi-intelligent network of information resources, where machines will be able to analyse and understand the meaning of information, similar to the way humans do today. If successful, it will absolutely revolutionise information retrieval. And the key to its success is the rigorous application of standards.

EU R&D     Metadata labelling for multimedia content

Identifying and retrieving the right multimedia content in your PC or company server can be like panning for gold – the nuggets are few and far between. The EU funded IST project aceMedia is developing a solution. aceMedia uses advances in knowledge, semantics and multimedia processing technologies to support self-analysing, self-annotating and self-adapting content.


Grid & WS    Grid services via Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA)

With XML serving as a catalyst, Web services have allowed many organizations to expose as well as access many resources that in years past might have been considered difficult to share. 

SW Conference    SEMANTICS 2006- From Visions to Applications - The new Paradigm Shift in IT

The annual international technology conference SEMANTICS 2006 will be held at TechGate Vienna, Austria from the 28th to 30th November, 2006. SEMANTICS 2006 is the first dedicated event in Europe focusing on emerging semantic web 2.0 technologies for the next generation internet. It aims to bring together researchers from academia and high level representatives of industry to create a dynamic forum for exchanging ideas.


SOA vs apps    Will SOA kill the idea of applications?

As SOA begins to gather momentum in the market, there has been a great deal of speculation about whether we will see the concept of an application disappear. Not if MS has anything to do with it (see below)

SOA apps     Microsoft CEO touts company "bet" on Web services

Microsoft believes Web services will work in tandem with PC-installed software, a vision that differs from that of "software as a service" advocates, such as Salesforce.com and Google, who expect services delivered over the Web to replace traditional software.


SW apps     Local, Global and Semantic Maps

Just as Google Earth layered images to make an informative world map, many analysts are scheming over a semantic map that would "create a universal medium for information exchange." Read/Write Web has a terrific post discussing the gritty details of the semantic "web 3.0".

Web 3.0   A Web guided by common sense?

An article in the Herald Tribune, which is a repeat of the basic article appearing in The New York Times a few days earlier Entrepreneurs See a Web Guided by Common Sense.


EU R&D   Putting the smarts into your mobile life

The EU project CASCOM is developing a new platform for delivering flexible services on your chosen communications device. And the technologies employed read like a hit-parade of what’s hot in hi-tech – the semantic web, intelligent agents, peer-to-peer (P2P) networks and more.


SW standards    Managing SOA Semantics Using Ontologies and Supporting W3C Standards (Part I)

A 2 part blog article with the theme "semantics and ontologies are making a comeback, and SOA is driving the push forward. "

SW Conference    SEMANTICS 2006- From Visions to Applications - The new Paradigm Shift in IT

The annual international technology conference SEMANTICS 2006 will be held at TechGate Vienna, Austria from the 28th to 30th November, 2006. SEMANTICS 2006 is the first dedicated event in Europe focusing on emerging semantic web 2.0 technologies for the next generation internet. It aims to bring together researchers from academia and high level representatives of industry to create a dynamic forum for exchanging ideas.


SW = Web 3.0 ?    Entrepreneurs See a Web Guided by Common Sense

"Their goal is to add a layer of meaning on top of the existing Web that would make it less of a catalog and more of a guide — and even provide the foundation for systems that can reason in a human fashion. Referred to as Web 3.0 [...] the very idea has given rise to skeptics who have called it an unobtainable vision. But the underlying technologies are rapidly gaining adherents, at big companies like I.B.M. and Google as well as small ones. Their projects often center on simple, practical uses, from producing vacation recommendations to predicting the next hit song. "


SW app    Northrop Grumman Showcases Suite of Geospatial Intelligence Solutions

Amongst the many offerings Northrop Grumman promises to demonstrate its GeoShield(tm) and Geospatial Semantic Web solutions. "GeoShield develops and integrates network-centric architecture for future command, control, communication, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance systems. The solution provides situational awareness, terrain analysis, tactical decision aids and terrain reasoning for the armed services across common platforms and interfaces."

SW app   Consumers protect data with Garlik (Interview)

In an interviw with Tom Ilube of privacy firm Garlik, one of the questions asked is:"You use so-called semantic web technology, designed to make it easier for computers to process information. How will this develop?" Answer...


Web 2.0    Analysis: - Web 2.0 Technologies

Web 2.0 and RIA (Rich Internet Applications) will dramatically change your infrastructure in terms of monitoring, management, deployment and availability. The load on both network and back-end servers could become crushing. Security is too often an afterthought, and two of IT's safety nets--standards and interoperability testing--are sorely lacking.


SW & SOA apps   BT Unveils Survey of Investment Banks' Views on Trends in Technology Innovation

The survey says that technology innovation will enable investment banks to achieve their goal of becoming less product-driven and more customer-centric. This includes the benefits and uses of technologies such as VoIP, video conferencing, Semantic Web and service-orientated architectures from the front to back-offices of investment banks.


SWS in e-Government  Workshop - Usage of Semantic Web Services in e-Government

A half-day workshop is being organised on 21 Nov 2006 in Berlin, Germany, by project DIP with an introduction to Semantic Web Services, their generic benefits and business cases, tools and execution environments and standardization processesThe workshop is intended for IT practitioners and strategic decision makers in central and local government (e-government). More ...


SW search?   See And Find With Quintura

Quintura takes a search term, runs a search and then translates the results into a tag cloud effect on the screen. Users can then simply look at the results (powered by Yahoo) listed under the tag cloud and click on the link as per normal, or they can explore words displayed in the semantic map to focus the query more closely.

WWW science   A Science of the Web Begins

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the University of Southampton in England have announced they would jointly start a new branch of science: the science of the Web. Article from the Scientific American.com.


Next gen Web  MIT and U. of Southampton launch World Wide Web research collaboration

MIT and the University of Southampton have announced the launch of  the Web Science Research Initiative (WSRI) - which aims to generate a research agenda for understanding the scientific, technical and social challenges underlying the growth of the web.   Also, a related story in the International Herald Tribune  'Next step' in science studies: The Web


SOA security   Six Basic Rules for Securing SOA Based Projects

Web Services Security specifications and standards have become clearer over the past few years, due to vendor agreement and some diligent work in standards organizations such as OASIS and the W3C. As a result, many standards-based Web service security toolkits and implementations have been shipped that allow developers to build solutions quickly.


SW vision  The semantic web is a long time coming

Martin Merry, leader of semantic web research at HP labs, says that it is still early days for the semantic web and that RDF is still being used "more in a specialised form inside enterprises". And the lesson of Google is that clever algorithms to improve simple text search have more impact than attempts to introduce semantic mark-up.

EU R&D Semantic Web Technologies, SEKT

Project SEKT aims to develop three core technologies that underpin next-generation knowledge management : ontology and metadata technology, knowledge discovery and human language technology. The 12 partners in the SEKT project - academic institutions and industrial partners from eight member states –are seeking to create ‘knowledge workplaces’ where the boundaries between document, content and knowledge management disappear.


EU R&D    IST project seeks to improve online news delivery

The 'News Engine Web Services' (NEWS) project platform comprises a classification and ontology-based annotation system which allows computers to 'read' web news content across many languages and analyse the content, coming up with a set of results which best matches a user's needs.


WS standards   W3C Web Services Policy Primer: Working Draft

The W3C Web Services Policy Working Group has released the First Public Working Draft of "Web Services Policy 1.5 - Primer."


WS vs dinosaurs   SOA vs. mainframe-- Oracle, HP and Intel target legacy

Hewlett-Packard, Oracle Corp. and Intel Corp. have announced a joint initiative to convince CIOs to transition from COBOL programs running on mainframes to a service-oriented architecture environment.


SW app    Mozilla Selects the BlueOrganizer for Firefox 2.0 Launch Showcase

The BlueOrganizer is a smart browsing extension for Firefox that redefines how people collect, manage, discover and share information. Unlike plain bookmarks, BlueOrganizer determines and preserves the semantics of real-world things like movies, wine or electronic gadgets. It is able to create a context-sensitive, personalized Web experience for every user.


SW standards   W3C Consortium Releases First Version of GRDDL Specification

The World Wide Web Consortium has forged an important link between Semantic Web and microformats communities. With GRDDL (pronounced "griddle"), software can automatically extract information from structured Web pages to make it part of the Semantic Web. W3C is inviting members of the community to review this First Public Working Draft, published by the GRDDL Working Group.

WS standards   Gartner: Web services standardization process has ‘lost momentum’

Gartner's Roy Schulte and Daniel Sholler posted an advisory that states that the "ratification of WS-Notification advances publish-and-subscribe standards, but falls short of gaining industry consensus. Differences with competing specifications still must be resolved."


EU R&D eGov  Many EU citizens experience problems using e-government resources

A survey conducted by the IST project  eUSER shows that 55% of users are happy with online governmental services, whereas as many as 33% experience at least one significant obstacle when using or trying to use such services.


WS standards    Why You Should Care About Web Standards

4 reasons you should care about Web standards.: 1- Search engine optimization ; 2- Accessibility ; 3- Lower total cost of ownership ; 4- Cross-browser, cross-platform, cross-device compatibility. Now read on...

SOA tools   Mindreef Announces Support for IBM Information Server with SOA

Mindreef is working with IBM to provide its  SOAPscope and SOAPscope ServerTM solutions for Web services testing and SOA quality, both of which support IBM Information Server. .


WS apps    Verizon Business plans web services integration with customers

The business services division of Verizon Communications Inc has said it will shortly roll out the ability for customers to integrate their web services infrastructure with its own, enabling them to subscribe to specific services and streamline interactions.


SOA & WS standards    SAP Drives Open Standards to Simplify Enterprise SOA

Building on its recent announcement of Java EE 5 compatibility, SAP continues to drive Open Standards to ease Enterprise SOA adoption.

SOA meets Web 2.0:   Where the Java EE standards fall short

The article examines the state of Java presentation technologies in an effort to understand where the standards must go to facilitate the marriage of SOA and Web 2.0 concepts.


M2M = SW?   NASA and M2Mi Corp. to Develop 'Automated M2M Intelligence'

To help enable machines to make choices and efficiently communicate with one another without human intervention, NASA and M2Mi Corp. are working together to develop automated 'machine-to-machine (M2M) intelligence. A satellite that would repair itself in low orbit is given as an example of how the new, automated M2M intelligence could be used in the very near future.


Towards SWS   Best-kept secret agent revealed

Agent-based computing has already transformed processes such as automated financial markets trading, logistics, and industrial robotics. Now it is moving into the mainstream commercial sector as more complex systems with many different components are used by a wider range of businesses.


SWS vision   Finally, Intelligent Businesses

Business intelligence as we know it will change dramatically over the next five years. Can search, semantics, and master data management take analytics to the next level?

WS vs PC    Ballmer sees PC future in web services world

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer has delivered a defense of PC-based computing in the face of a growing trend to deliver software as a service over the internet. He says the market is changing to a point where applications will run as easily as websites, but software will continue to rely on local processing power.


SOA club :    IBM builds out SOA partner programs

As part of its Web 2.0 push, IBM and SOA Business Partners are building Wikis for SOAs in both vertical industries and specialized focus areas. Also, podcasts will be available to educate business partners and customers on the business value of SOA, IBM said.


Web 2.0 vs Web 1.0    Why Ajax is Conceptually Better

"The potential of the Semantic Web is just unimaginably huge"

SOA survey   SOA is the future - but what exactly is it?

Research carried out by Quocirca (on behalf of Oracle) earlier this year shows that, in a sample size of 1,500 respondents representing a mixture of technical and business people, more than 30 per cent said they have absolutely no knowledge what SOA or service-oriented architecture means. More than 25 per cent more said they have minimal knowledge of it, and only 20 per cent stated they have a fair understanding or a good working knowledge of what SOA is all about.


SOA tools   New Tools Will Help SOA Soar In Businesses

IBM and BEA Systems are rolling out tools that address shortcomings in SOA product offerings that force companies to do a lot of custom integration, one reason many customers have come away disappointed. Twenty-four percent of 273 business technology professionals surveyed by InformationWeek Research in August said their SOA and Web services efforts fell short of expectations.


SW standards   Last Call- Semantic Annotations for WSDL

The Semantic Annotations for Web Services Description Language (SAWSDL) Working Group released a Last Call Working Draft of Semantic Annotations for WSDL Semantic annotations can be added to Web Services Description Language (WSDL) components for use in classifying, discovering, matching, composing, and invoking Web services.


WS tools   IBM demonstrates Ajax mashup tool for the rest of us

" ...the cool thing about Ajax is that it lets you quickly mix and match web pages and services with relatively simple scripting, using technologies that are pretty off the shelf. But if you're the kind of power user who can handle Excel macros, but doesn't deal with scripting, until now you've been a spectator to the Ajax revolution. "

WS standards   Liberty Alliance Releases Final Version of ID-WSF 2.0 Web Services Standards

The final release of ID-WSF 2.0 now includes additional support for open industry standards to allow developers, enterprises and system integrators to build successful Web services faster based on the widely deployed and proven interoperable Liberty Web Services standards.


SOA & WS    Amazon.com, Danish government tout SOA approach

"We have a lot of SOA ecosystems, but we don't have an effective interchange between these organizations," said Mikkel Hippe Brun, XML architect with the National and IT Telecom agency of Denmark. Hippe Brun was presenting a session titled "Bringing SOA to life: A New Danish Infrastructure," at the JAOO conference.

SOA & WS     Microsoft Advocates Real-World Approach to SOA for Increased Business Value

At a Microsoft hosted annual SOA and Business Processes Conference in Redmond, customers and industry partners met to discuss a "real-world" approach to SOA, and how it can be used to solve troubling business challenges.


WS standards    OASIS SOA Reference Model Goes to Vote

The The OASIS Reference Model for Service Oriented Architecture v1.0 has been submitted for standardization by OASIS. The full committee draft of the specification is downloadable here (31 page PDF file).


Web 2.0     Gartner's High-Tech Hype Radar

In this annual look at the stuff coming down the enterprise pike and how far it is from becoming reality, Gartner's hype cycle is divided into three major themes: the "real-world Web," or objects with the capability to interact with their surroundings; Web 2.0; and application architecture, including "disciplines and technologies" to enable business applications to "continue to mirror business requirements more directly."  More...


WS apps   Bezos offers a look at 'hidden Amazon'

About 200,000 developers have registered to use the 10 different Web services Amazon.com is providing so far, including three that Bezos highlighted in his talk , during a keynote address at the Emerging Technologies Conference on MIT's campus: Mechanical Turk; Simple Storage Service (S3); and Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

WS apps   Onaro announces web services API

Onaro Inc. has announced the availability of Service Connect, a web services application program interface (API) which enables independent software vendors (ISVs), application providers, and internal development teams to access the service-related data in Onaro SANscreen, Onaro’s storage-as-a-service management products .


WS security  Web apps and services prove high risk according to Symantec

Symantec, the sodtware security company, has warned that the wave of enthusiasm for web applications such as blogs and other services will be shared equally among innocent users and virus writers.


EU R&D    European research performs as well as US research

According to a recent study by researchers at UNU-MERIT in the Netherlands - a research and training centre of United Nations University – Europe does better compared to the US than assumed, at least as far as formal technology transfer goes. The survey shows that Europe performs better than the United States on two of the three indicators for the actual commercial use of public research (licenses executed and start-ups) and comes a close second on a third indicator (licence revenue as a share of research expenditure).

WS & IBM    The First Services of IBM alphaWorks Debut

IBM is rolling out a trio of new Web-based development services, as the first from the newly launched alphaWorks Services site.  See also a related article IBM alphaWorks says ADIEU to complex Web services code.


SW search   Open source search technology goes beyond keywords

All the source code of the Semantic Indexing Project is available for download, published under the terms of the GNU General Public License. The project's core technology is the Semantic Engine, which is distributed with its C++ code, Perl bindings, and all the necessary code for building the GUI. .


SW vision   Berners-Lee, Co-operation key to intelligent Web

Speaking at Ordnance Survey's Terra Future conference in Southampton last weeky, Sir Tim Berners-Lee explained that the power of the Semantic Web comes not from a single source of data, but from when multiple data sources are combined. "It's the serendipitous reuse that's exciting" .


WS survey    Web services replaces security as top IT priority

According to a new survey by The Society of Information Management, Web services are the new top priority of  IT departments— with m ore IT dollars flowing to Web services development and deployment than ever before .


WS evolution    Mashups and Web services

As Web services continue to entrench themselves as the preferred mechanism to expose application functionality, the possibilities of combining such services into an even richer set of application behaviors has come to the forefront. The technique has grown to the extent of having its own name, "mashup."


Semantic Web    Berners-Lee: Intelligent Web requires co-operation

Speaking at the  Ordnance Survey's Terra Future conference in Southampton on 19/09/2006, Sir Tim Berners-Lee said all that was needed to build the Semantic Web was for existing databases to be exposed in standard formats. The DIP project was represented at this conference by Essex County Council, presenting the Emergency Services GIS showcase.


SOA & WS standards    Microsoft opens up 35 Web services patents

Microsoft promises 'not to assert' claims to 35 Web Services patents, including SOAP, WSDL, and many WS-* specs.


SWS Book    Enabling Semantic Web Services- The Web Service Modeling Ontology

Service-oriented computing has become one of the predominant factors in current IT research and development. Web services seem to be the middleware solution of the future for highly interoperable distributed software solutions. The book is authored by DIP researchers and draws on the experiences and results of the project.


WS standards   Microsoft Won't Enforce Patents On Web Services Spec

Anybody who wants to use the WS-* specifications for Web services standardization won't be sued by Microsoft - so says the software giant.

EU R&D    Emergency-management application finalist in Semantic Web Challenge 2006

A short news item appearing in IST News concerning the DIP 'Semantic Web Services GIS based Emergency Management Application', which has recently been short-listed as one of top five applications in this year’s Semantic Web Challenge 2006. The finals of the challenge will be held at the ISWC 2006 Conference in Athens, USA on 5-11 November 2006.


Semantically indexed    Berlin Hosts World's Largest Roundtable

The answers provided by the participants at the Berlin event will be recorded, transcribed and made available online on the project website as part of an innovative internet platform for the exchange of knowledge. "The dialog forum is connected to a knowledge database with links and background information about thousands of topics," says Hans Uszkoreit of the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) . "The semantic web technology constantly reorganizes the content and the system even 'learns' from its users how to evaluate the relevance of the content."

Next gen search    EUR 400 million to the European search engine Quaero

A European search engine - project Quaero - will reportedly receive some 400 million Euro (US$ 508 million) in new funding from the German and French governments and industry. Quaero will be looking at various indexing techniques as social tagging and bookmarking, as well as the more traditional cataloging methodology used by the Semantic Web approach.


Web search    Google, Yahoo and MSN Key Word Study Results

Fortune Interactive, a search engine marketing firm, has released the final part of its findings on how leading search engines are determining the rankings of web pages.


WS standards    Web services spec approved

OASIS this week announced approval of the Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM) version 1.1 specification as an OASIS Standard.


EU R&D    Emergency-management application finalist in Semantic Web Challenge 2006

A short news item appearing in IST News concerning the DIP 'Semantic Web Services GIS based Emergency Management Application', which has recently been short-listed as one of top five applications in this year’s Semantic Web Challenge 2006. The finals of the challenge will be held at the ISWC 2006 Conference in Athens, USA on 5-11 November 2006.

SOA & WS    10+ things you should know about SOA

The article, from Builder.com, actually mentions 15 things.


EU R&D    Helping computers identify real meaning

An article about EU funded METOKIS, a project that investigated use of semantic-web technologies for knowledge-intensive fields such as news services, education and clinical studies.

WS standards   Web Services Resource Transfer (WS-RT) Specification Published

The WS-RT specification is intended to form an essential core component of a unified resource access protocol for the Web services space. extends WS-Transfer operations, adding the capability to operate on fragments of management resource representations.


SOA & WS   Testing VoIP-enabled 'interactive SOA'

Mindreef, Inc., the SOA testing vendor, has announced that its SOAPscope Server has been selected by BlueNote Networks Inc. for quality assurance of a new "interactive SOA" voice and video business communications platform.


SWS app  DIP's emergency rescue showcase reaches finals of the Semantic Web Challenge 2006

One of the semantic web based services that is being showcased by the DIP project has just been nominated a finalist of the Semantic Web Challenge 2006.   A snow blizzard in Stansted (UK) in 2003 became a case study for a decision-support system which automatically combines a number of web services, semantically described in ontologies, to assist in the planning of emergency response actions.  The DIP case study, led by Essex County Council, has successfully illustrated how semantic-based systems can help manage complex information flows in future.

WS security   NIST releases recommendations for securing Web services

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has released for comment a draft of Guide to Secure Web Services. Special Publication 800-95  addresses security needs for networks in which automated Web services are being deployed in service-oriented architectures.


WS adoption   E.U. Leads The Charge In Web Services

"The growth of Web services is being attributed to efforts and participation within the European Union. The E.U. seems to have surpassed the U.S. in this respect. "

Web 2.0  = a piece of jargon

Excerpt of an interview (with transcript) conducted last week where Scott Laningham of IBM developerWorks talks to Tim Berners-Lee and his view on the term "Web 2.0" .


SOA & WS   SOA in the Enterprise - A Survey of the Technical Landscape

The first in a series of articles exploring the various technologies and options available to an enterprise when establishing a service-oriented architecture (SOA) roadmap.


WS & Web 2.0   Web Services With Web 2.0 Interfaces Are Surging – Thanks to AJAX

Reuse is rising, according to The Evans Data survey. Three out of ten survey respondents are saying the ability to reuse the service is the greatest cost advantage to Web Services. The number of respondents sharing Web Services with two or more business units is up 20% since the last survey.


WS 'killer apps'?   Google plans more services for business users

Google has announced its intention to move beyond search technology and to expand its services for business users providing them with a special software package, which will include e-mail, calendar, chat programmes and a special website development tool for companies.


WS Standards    EU research driving the web services seismic shift

The growth of web services marks a seismic shift in computing.   Europe leads in web-service adoption and deployment, but lags in the development of appropriate standards. IST funded Project WS2 (Web Services and Semantics) set out in July 2004 to promote European participation in standards development for such purposes.


SW search  Jewish heritage will change the way we surf the web

MOSAICA, a 2.5M Eur research project at the Sheffield Hallam University (UK), is developing  a new search engine that understands semantics and the meaning of whole phrases, rather than just looking for individual words or groups of words. Called an ontological search engine, it will allow users to find a range of material on a subject, even if it doesn't contain the original search term. MOSAICA's initial focus is Jewish cultural heritage.


SWS app  DIP's emergency rescue showcase reaches finals of the Semantic Web Challenge 2006!

One of the semantic web based services that is being showcased by the DIP project has just been nominated a finalist of the Semantic Web Challenge 2006.   A snow blizzard in Stansted (UK) in 2003 became a case study for a decision-support system which automatically combines a number of web services, semantically described in ontologies, to assist in the planning of emergency response actions.  The DIP case study, led by Essex County Council, has successfully illustrated how semantic-based systems can help manage complex information flows in future.

Web 2.0   Forget Web 2.0, Says Berners-Lee

"Web 1.0 was all about connecting people" says Sir Tim Berners-Lee. "It was an interactive space, and I think Web 2.0 is of course a piece of jargon, nobody even knows what it means."


WS & BPM  Integrators expand BPM with tools, services

An overview article on what business process management is (and isn't) from WashingtonTechnology.com.

WS.com  SOA metadata technology spurs webMethods to buy Cerebra

webMethods Inc. has announced that it has acquired Cerebra Inc., a privately-held start-up. Cerebra's semantic metadata management technology with automated discovery capabilities will be incorporated into the next version of webMethods Fabric scheduled for release in December .


SW & XML   Seven Steps to XML Mastery - Step 6: Employ the Semantic Web

In this sixth step toward XML mastery, Frank Coyle discusses the facets of the semantic web, which just may be the Web of the future.

SW apps    Law enforcement agencies explore semantics

Experts say the use of semantic technology is growing among consultants and application developers. The World Wide Web Consortium’s adoption of two semantic standards — the Resource Description Framework (RDF) and Web Ontology Language (OWL) — has further spurred the use of the technology in the past two years.


Web 2.0 & SOA   Web 2.0 melds well with SOA

The vaunted “Web 2.0” bunch of internet innovations includes surprisingly little that is new on a technical front, says consultant Stefan Korn. Most of it can be achieved in standard HTML. The new style represents, rather, an attitudinal change, towards a more two-way approach to the web.


EU R&D    Bringing down the borders to transnational ICT research

Enhancing the coordination across the disparate initiatives in different countries is needed if Europe is to realise its full research potential. Project CISTRANA is helping to address the problem according to this ISTWeb article.


WS & SOAP    Web Services And PHP

This article explains how to use the SOAP package from PEAR to query Google's extensive database.

SW tools    SchemaLogic Introduces Web Client to Help Organizations Develop Enterprisewide Semantic Models

According to this Press Release, SchemaLogic has introduced Workshop Web, a Web-based, central repository for semantic data that encourages enterprisewide participation in the development and maintenance of a corporate lexicon.


WS standards    WS-I Announces ''Architecting for Interoperability'' Event

The Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I), an industry organization that promotes consistent Web services interoperability across platforms, operating systems and programming languages, has announced that it will sponsor a one-day event called "Architecting for Interoperability" on October 16, 2006. More info from http://www.ws-i.org/summit.


Future Tech    Gartner Highlights Emerging Technologies

Amongst which .. "Corporate Semantic Web - It applies semantic Web technologies, aka semantic markup languages to corporate Web content. Although mainstream adoption is still five to 10 years away, many corporate IT areas are starting to engage in semantic Web technologies."


WS standards  WS-Policy on track for W3C approval

In mid-April, WS-Policy, the 3-year-old Web services governance specification supported by rival vendors IBM and Microsoft was accepted into the W3C process. The goal is for it to become an official Web services standard. This month, W3C released a first working draft of its version of    Web Services Policy.

Tech survey  'Web 2.0, Real World Web' top trends - Gartner

Gartner, the market analysis company, has just released its "2006 Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle" in which it assesses 36 key technologies over the coming ten years.According to the report social networks, Web 2.0 are ones to watch in the coming year.


Emerging tech   Hyped Technology Themes for 2006 -Web 2.0, Real World Web, Applications Architecture

Gartner research has identified AJAX, mashups, location-aware software and sensor mesh networking as the key emrging technologies that will have the greatest impact on business over the next 10 years .

WS tutorial   Implementing High Performance Web Services Using JAX-WS 2.0

This article shows how to implement high performance web services using the Java API for XML Web Services (JAX-WS) 2.0 .


Web 2.0 & WS    AJAX Bringing Web 2.0 to Web Services

Web services and Web 2.0 interfaces are surging as a result of the rise in the use of Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX), a key component on the Web 2.0 architecture. A survey conducted by Evans Data Corp. finds that close to half of developers surveyed say they are already working with AJAX.


SW promise    Working to turn the Web semantic

Do you think the Web, e-mail and e-payments have made your life easier? Well, you haven’t seen anything yet.  The World Wide Web will have even more to offer you in the future. It will evolve into the Semantic Web within the next few years, according to the founder of the World Wide Web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee.


SW standards   W3C focusing on protecting personal data

The standardisation body W3C will hold a workshop on ‘Languages for privacy policy negotiation and semantics-driven enforcement’ on 17-18 October 2006, in Ispra, Italy, with the aim of bringing together IT-industry and privacy researchers from all over the world.

SW future    The world wide whatever

Computers read but can't manipulate the billions of bytes of information out there. But with "global semantic data," says Berners-Lee, "you'll be able to combine the data you know about with other data that you didn't know about. .


WS standards  Working Draft of Web Services Policy Released

The Web Services Policy Working Group has released First Public Working Drafts of the Web Services Policy 1.5. The goal of Web Services Policy 1.5 - Framework is to provide the mechanisms needed to enable Web services applications to specify policy information.


SW too smart ?   Google says web users are too stupid for semantics

Google Director of Search and AAAI Fellow Peter Norvig told Berners-Lee at a conference on artificial intelligence that his [B-L's] idea for a Semantic Web will not work because users are too stupid, according to this short article in the Inquirer.


Grid vs. SOA    Grid and SOA - Friends or Foes?

There has been much coverage in the press over two architectural approaches to technology: grid computing, where hardware assets are virtualised so that applications can share resources, and service oriented architectures (SOAs), where discrete items of functionality are created that are brought together on the fly to meet the business' process needs. Are they competitors or complementary technologies?

Next gen Web    Next generation mobile web

Scientists at The University of Manchester have a launched a new project which seeks to combine web accessibility with mobile phone technologies.  A core part of the project will be the development of a validation engine which will screen websites to ensure they are accessible and mobile web compatible .


WS Apps     New ArcWeb Services JavaScript API Facilitates Deployment of Flash-Based Mapping Applications

ESRI, a geographic information system (GIS) technology provider, has announce the availability of the ArcWeb Services JavaScript application program interface (API). Using the API, developers can embed rich Adobe Flash-based, interactive, vector maps into a Web application with just a few lines of code and rapidly deploy them.


SW Apps     Bio-IT Briefs

At the 11th Annual Drug Discovery Technology & Development World Congress, a panel, titled “How Semantic Web Technologies Are Enabling the Bench to Bedside Vision,”  will discuss how the Semantic Web technologies are impacting drug discovery today and their potential to streamline and accelerate drug development.


EU  R&D    An EU Commission funded Project for Multilingual/LBS Question Answering infrastructure

According to QALL-ME   an EU funded R&D project Question-Answering engines will be to the Semantic Web (SW)  what search engines are to the current Web: a basic user-friendly functionality for requesting meaningful information anywhere, at any time, by anyone. .

WS future    Web services to aid, not kill, software -Microsoft

Web services, delivered alongside classic software, will complement rather than replace the existing software industry, saysMicrosoft Corp.'s chief  technologist Ray Ozzie.


SOA & WD   Windows Workflow Foundation for Web services

The article describes Windows Workflow Foundation and how it will influence service-orientated designs. While BPEL provides the semantics and depth to orchestrate elaborate Web services scenarios, it's still relegated to a niche status confined to the services world. To address issues which arise from the limits of BPEL comes Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) .


Web2.0 & RDF   SquishQL- The simplest RDF query language

RDF is a main standard for metadata defining and storage in a Web 2.0 environment. However, most of the query languages are incomplete and fairly complex. People often need something simple to start their trek along the learning curve. Accessing RDF data is a simple thing when you use SquishQL – an RDF query language with SQL notation.


SW too difficult?   Google exec challenges Berners-Lee

Peter Norvig, director of Search at Google, challenged Tim Berners-Lee on the subject of Semantic Web, saying "We deal with millions of Web masters who can't configure a server, can't write HTML. It's hard for them to go to the next step. "


DIP project   Semantic rescue in snow blizzard emergency

The IST-funded DIP project has for a couple of years been working on semantic Web services. They aim to create an environment in which applications can be automatically created from available services on the Internet without human intervention and where the computer can understand and interpret a word or command based on given ontologies, controlled vocabularies that describe objects and the relations between them in a specific domain. (Published in IST Results).

DIP project    Research aims to beat the Stansted snow chaos

Same story as above - appearing in Online EETimes UK on the eGovernment case study of DIP.


SW apps    Knowledge Modeling- Leveraging Semantic Technologies for Transforming Data to Actionable Understanding

Much has been made in the past year of the potential of semantic technologies to transform the way enterprises manage data, information and knowledge. Thetus Corporation claims to be pioneering an approach to this promising technology, with its Thetus Publisher product.


SOA vs Java    Analysts see Java EE dying in an SOA world

The punchline of this article is - Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) is not going to survive as a major standard programming model in the next five years,. This, according to a senior analyst with the Burton Group, is in part due to SOA.


SOA   BPEL: Service composition for SOA

This article (an excerpt from Business Process Execution Language for Web Services by Matjaz Juric) explains how to get started developing business processes based on the Business Process Execution Language.

SOA   Arriving at a definition of SOA

"An SOA should be loosely coupled and therefore based on open standards such as Web services that enable platform and transport agnostic distributed computing, and are extensible, and composable."


WS promise    BPM inside the belly of the SOA whale (Special Report, part 3)

The future of BPM and SOA is so bright you might have to wear shades...


WS & Trust   Building trust in virtual organisations

TrustCoM, an IST-funded project, is tackling the very real problem of establishing trust between organisations online, and ensuring the security of digital transactions and electronic business processes.

Web 2.0 & WS   Building a NetDesk

An idea - that has been floated before- is to put a desktop environment ('NetDesk' or 'WebOS') on a server and have users access it through a network. The latest variation is based around the Web 2.0 concept of AJAX. It's about having web pages that provide certain tools like word processors and calendars in a pseudo-desktop environment. Two examples of this type of environment are eyeOS and YouOS.


SW standards   Working Draft of Semantic Annotations for WSDL Released

Semantic Annotations in WSDL Version 1.0 (SAWSDL) defines how to add semantic annotations to WSDL 2.0 components. The specification defines extension attributes that can be applied to both WSDL elements and XML Schema elements to annotate input and output messages defined in a WSDL 2.0 interface.

WS tools   Open Source BPEL Engine Final Release

The ActiveBPEL engine is an Open Source implementation of a BPEL engine (Business Process Execution language), written in Java. It reads BPEL process definitions (and other inputs such as WSDL files) and creates representations of BPEL processes.


WS .COM   Web services company files for IPO

Hostopia.com Inc., which develops, manages and distributes Web applications for small and medium-sized companies, has filed for an initial public offering in the U.S. and Canada. The company had revenue of $18 million and net income of $2 million for the year ended March 31, according to its preliminary prospectus.


WS security   Web Services Are the New Prey for Malware

Just as Microsoft plugged 21 security holes in Windows, cybercriminals found a new way to rob secure data – through web applications. Microsoft recently issued patches for 21 flaws in its software, saying all but two of them could let an intruder...

WS efficiency   Enter 'Fast Web Services'

There have been arious initiatives to make XML more performant, triggering a debate over whether we need Binary XML or a new approach being put forth by Sun Inc.


WS landscape  An overview of the Web services standards landscape

You can download the poster in PDF format also.

EU R&D   IST projects catch the eye of the Asian market

Some of Europe's most innovative and promising information and communications technology (ICT) projects were on display in Singapore from 20-23 June, at the European ICT Pavilion at CommunicAsia, attracting around 47,000 visitors.


SW conference   300 Delegates Discuss the Next Generation of the Web at the European Semantic Web Conference

Over 300 semantic technology researchers and practitioners took part in the 3rd European Semantic Web Conference in the Montenegrin town of Budva. The ESWC conference series is organised by the European Semantic Systems Initiative (ESSI), which is a group of four European Commission 6th Framework Programme projects ASG, DIP, Knowledge Web and SEKT.

WS .com  WSO2 Launches Tungsten SOA Application Server and Receives Investment from Intel

WSO2, a new start-up creating open source platforms for Web services, has launched its product, Tungsten, and announced that the company has received an investment from Intel Capital, the venture capital arm of Intel Corporation. .


WS promise    Web Services Are Not A Panacea For Interoperability

"Interoperability is not a given when using Web services... With all due respect to our hard-working standards bodies, the primary culprits are the imperfect specifications guiding today's implementations. Ambiguities and too many choices often lead to differing interpretations, resulting in incompatible implementations. "


SW future   24 HM Joins Culture Bodies to Create Semantic Web Think Tank

24 Hour Museum has joined forces with the Museums Computer Group, Museums Documentation Association and the Department of Museum Studies at the University of Leicester to create the museum and gallery sector’s first Semantic Web Thinktank.

WS security    Web Services Increasingly Under Attack

Users of Yahoo Inc.'s e-mail service, Google Inc.'s Orkut social networking site and eBay Inc.'s PayPal online payment service were among the targets of attacks in recent weeks. All three companies have acknowledged (and plugged) the security holes. .


EU R&D    Boffins train pack of Sony Aibo robo-dogs

Sony's Embedded and Communicating Agents (ECAgents) project is sponsored by the Future and Emerging Technologies programme of the European Community.  " It is hoped that the results of the project will trigger breakthroughs in future and emergent technologies, from self-developing robots to the semantic web and ubiquitous wireless devices."  (Same story, different coverage by IST Results, titled When robots learn social skills)


EU R&D    Thumbs up for EU's framework programme for research

The launch of Seventh Framework Programme (FP7),  planned for 1 January 2007, will mark the 20th anniversary of the birth of the framework programme, and is leading some to reflect on the programme's development.

EU R&D    Semantic technology ready for industrial application

Current semantic technology is ready for industrial application although much research remains to be done, concluded a conference on the future of the Semantic web, organised by the SEKT project  and the UK’s Advanced Knowledge Technologies (AKT) .


WS markets    SOA Web Services Vendor BEA Says Portal Market is Growing

A  recently published special BEA Report shows portals returning to 15-percent growth rate .

Semantic WS   Semantics poses challenge for Web services

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) software design promises to populate the world's networks with many small, lightweight, reusable programs that can automatically combine to perform a vast range of services. This will allow simple functions to unite to perform complicated tasks.


Web standards  9 Ways to Misunderstand Web Standards

Just what the tiltle says.....


EU R&D    Semantics poses challenge for Web services

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) software design promises to populate the world's networks with many small, lightweight, reusable programs that can automatically combine to perform a vast range of services. The EU IST programme funded Adaptive Services Grid (ASG)  project has implemented a reference platform for semantic service provision.

WS & SOA    Developing Software to Be at Your Service

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a model for a new approach to information technology. "SOA is really a philosophy, a way of approaching software development around the concept of providing services," said Mike Papazoglou, author of a Web services textbook and acting chair of the International Conference for Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC).


SOA & GRID   Enterprise SOA Meets Grid

This article touches upon the difficulties of "going SOA," as well as some of the benefits. It addresses how Grid computing can remedy some of  the difficulties.


WS choreography  Working Draft - Primer for WEb Services Choreography

The Web Services Choreography Working Group has released the First Public Working Draft of   Web Services Choreography Description Language: Primer. The primer is intended as an easy to understand tutorial on the uses and the features of the WS-CDL specification.


Web 2.0   IBM's Enterprise Mash-Up Uses Web Services For New Apps

IBM's new Enterprise Mashup uses Web services such as news feeds, weather reports, maps, traffic conditions and wiki technology to allow people to create a customized business applications in less than five minutes.

Web 2.0   Web 2.0 Has Corporate America Spinning

"We're shifting from a presentation medium to a programming platform," says Don Tapscott, CEO of New Paradigm. "Every time we go on these sites, we're programming the Web."


WS advantage   Microsoft says -Upgrade your Web services technology

Microsoft anticipates big benefits for those who upgrade to the planned Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) technology for Web services, a Microsoft spokeperson said at the TechEd 2006 conference on Monday.

WS apps    Airbus flies on Web services Provided by SAP

European aircraft builder Airbus is implementing a Web services-based travel management application from SAP as a first step in a planned group-wide migration to a service-oriented architecture.


SOA market   IBM Announces SOA Business Catalog

IBM is doing its part in furthering the service-oriented architecture movement. The company announced June 13 its namesake SOA Business Catalog, a services repository of sorts that allows users to search for information on SOA services.

SW warning  Semantic web threatens data privacy

A principal scientist at certification specialist VeriSign, has said an unintended consequence of semantic web technology would be to expose individuals' details more easily to criminals searching for ways to crack passwords and commit identity fraud.


WS tools Bringing Interactivity to SOA and Web Services Using AJAX

The desktop application has good user interaction experience and a faster response. The Web-based application has low-cost deployment, simple architecture, high availability, low maintenance, and platform independence. Rich Internet Applications (RIA) have all the benefits of both desktop and Web-based applications. .

Mobile WS   Web Services on Mobile Devices

Mobile integration follows the same guiding principles and tenets as do any other integration issues: service-oriented architecture (SOA) for integration and XML and Web services for the delivery of integration. With the implementation of XML and Web services, SOA can decouple the end devices and their operating environments from the integration of mobile services with corporate applications.


WS standards   Sun's Project Tango

Project Tango is developed as open-source as part of the Glassfish Community, and it is delivered integrated into the latest Web Services stack there. Sun plans to release Web Services Interoperability Technology (WSIT) products based on this stack. The WSIT functionality is delivered as plugins to Sun's JAX-WS implementation.

WS tools   WS02 offers open source app server without J2EE stack

WS02 is offering an open source application server which, unlike that of its rivals, is not based on a J2EE stack but instead focuses on XML and Web services. Geared for SOA deployments, the WS02 Tungsten application server supports core WS-* specifications for Web services as well as REST (Representational State Transfer). .


EC R&D  Prepare your speech for IST 2006 conference

The European Commission has launched a call for presentations during the networking sessions of the IST conference 2006. IST 2006 is the major IST event presenting research results and will this year be coupled with the launch of the next (seventh) EU research programme. It will take place in Helsinki (Finland) 21-23 November 2006.

SOA  Debunking the Myths of SOA

Do you think Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) is over-hyped? Do you think you will just buy it and install it once the market matures? Or, do you think your organization will pass on SOA altogether and find a better way to accomplish the same thing? If you answered yes to any of the above then you have officially fallen victim to some of the most prevalent myths about SOA. Says thisarticle in iSeries Network.com


SW at W3C   W3C Names Ivan Herman Semantic Web Activity Lead

Based at CWI, site of the W3C Benelux Office (in The Netherlands) , Ivan has served as W3C Head of Offices and on the Semantic Web Coordination Group .


S-O-A or So-ah?   Enough About Business Value, Here's What We Really Should be Worrying About

Every vendor who is talking the SOA game, the OASIS panel -- which included architects working on standards for SOA -- "was unable to produce a final word on what SOA is" .


SW Research & Markets Report State-of-the Art in Semantic Web Research and Key Technologies (Press Release)

Research and Markets (http://www.researchandmarkets.com/reports/c37865) has announced the addition of Semantic Web Technologies: Trends and Research in Ontology-based Systems to their list of  market reports.  The Summary and Contents List are available for viewing.


Some Answers  Ask WWW creator your questions (Answers)

A couple of days ago the International Herald Tribute invited its readers to ask Tim Berners-Lee questions about WWW, semantic web etc. Here are some answers.


SOA Apps  Iona's ESB Integrates Departmental Apps for SOAs, Web Services

A new open source ESB (enterprise service bus) from Iona will help companies integrate departmental applications for SOAs (service-oriented architectures) and Web services deployments, according to Iona Technologies, which is sponsoring the project.

SW future   Semantic web 'ready to implement'

Jim Hendler, a professor at the University of Maryland and the author of the original semantic web paper, said, “We originally had a 10-year vision, but a lot of the pieces [required] fell into place sooner than I expected.”


WS & SOA    SAP Focuses on Web Services, SOA with mySAP ERP 2005

SAP recently announced the availability of the next version of its flagship ERP product. Dubbed mySAP ERP 2005. The new release adds new capabilities in the areas of Web services and service oriented architecture (SOA), which the company hopes will entice its legacy R/3 users to upgrade. .


SW Q&A    Ask WWW creator your questions

This International Herald Tribune blog site promises to open a channel of communication between you and Tim Berners-Lee.

SW& Web    Semantic web will drive internet

"Google is great, but I don't want go look up 'Exxon Mobile' on Google and get six million hits," said Clare Hart, executive vice president at Dow Jones and chairman of Factiva, the company's subscription news aggregation service. "It doesn't help me if the meaningful hit is 20 links down." Extract of an article in MacWorld UK.


AI on the Web   The next wave of the web

Nature.com interview with Nigel Shadbolt, chairing the panel 'The Next Wave of the Web' at WWW Conference in Edinburgh. Shadbolt is an artificial intelligence researcher at the University of Southampton.

SW conference   Berners-Lee applies Web 2.0 to improve accessibility

Version 2.0 of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, or WCAG 2, has been long awaited and the working draft is near completion: a 'last call' for public comment closes on 31 May.

SW conference   Researchers call for semantic Web

Labelling information on the Internet involves tagging it with code and then classifying it into a taxonomy. Customized taxonomies and ontologies, or data models, could be created for different subject matters to connect disparate, rich information tucked away on servers. It's an approach that differs vastly from current search engine technology.


SW future   Future of Internet May Lie With 'Semantic Web'

"I think it's also possible we mess that up, and the Web 2.0 becomes a big mess of rather unreliable stuff which you end up having to go through with Google."  (quote from Tim-Berners Lee, from the WWW conference, Edinburgh)

SW future   Smart sites to power semantic web

Much of the talk at the 2006 World Wide Web conference has been about the technologies behind the so-called "semantic web".  (Article from BBC NEWS online)


W3C at WWW 2006    W3C Work Featured at WWW2006 in Edinburgh

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) presents its recent achievements and future work plans this week at the WWW2006 conference, which is takeing place at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

SW future    A 'more revolutionary' Web

" While Berners-Lee shrugs at the use of the term "Web 2.0" - a Silicon Valley buzzword to describe the Internet since the dot-com bust of the turn of the century - he does say he sees a new level of vigor across the network. " From an article appearing in the Internaltional Herald Tribune.


WS apps    Web Services Meet Business Intelligence

Embedding Business Intelligence into operational applications that support multiple business processes is the "wave of the future" according to the Director of research and services at The Data Warehousing Institute. Read more...

WWW future    Building on the future of the web

Ahead of the world's largest web conference WWW 2006 in Edinburg, computer scientist Dave De Roure reflects on how far the web has come.


WS markets    China Mobile in talks with Google to add Web services

China Mobile, the world's largest mobile phone service provider by subscriber numbers, is in talks with US online search engine company Google to provide Internet search services through the China Mobile network.

SW conference   All set for a baby.com revolution

Babies assigned a personal website at birth; companies that store your 'digital assets' like a bank; search engines which find your perfect holiday with undreamt-of precision. These are some of the concepts on the agenda at the 15th International World Wide Web Conference, the first to be held in Britain.


SW app    Ontoprise and Oracle Agree on Technology Partnership

ontoprise has just announced the release the first commercial Semantic Web infrastructure software based on Oracle(R) Fusion Middleware .

WS apps    SAP Debuts New ERP Apps, Web Services

The ERP-related announcements, made at SAP's own Sapphire trade show this week, are the latest steps along SAP's bid to rebuild its products around a service-oriented architecture. .


WS specification    BPEL for Web Services Deserves Talking Up

Version 2.0 of the BPEL for Web Services specification is nearing public review following OASIS meetings this month. The 2.0 update, on track for approval by year's end, makes BPEL more complete, even while it simplifies the developer's view of code whose variables' values can be complex XML expressions.

SW issues & Xtech2006    The power of declarative thinking

Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis: Connection between thought and language, if you haven't got a word for it you can't think it. If you don't percieve it as a concept, you won't invent a word for it. The article concludes..." A declarative approach puts the work in the computer, not on the human's shoulders. "


SW Apps   Net maps link buyers and sellers

Google, Microsoft and Yahoo are pouring millions of research dollars into web services that they hope will change the way people find and use information. Users interested in a particular geographic area are offered detailed photographs, street maps and increasing amounts of commercial information about businesses in that area.


SW & EU    Agent-based computing research forms a new publication

The IST project AgentLink has recently closed after eight years of  European Commission (EC)-sponsored support. Drawing from a body of some 200 industry and academic organisations, this European project has released a strategic roadmap that hopes to guide evolution of the field over the next decade.  The project now aims to collect, select and publish the most important advances produced by the Agentlink forums falling under the area of autonomous and adaptive systems, within the prestigious ACM Transactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems (TAAS) jounral.

SOA & WS   Understanding Web Services in an ESB Environment

Most organizations considering or in the midst of deploying a service-oriented architecture (SOA) are familiar with the concept or even the many varied definitions of the term enterprise service bus (ESB). In fact, ESBs are becoming a critical part of an SOA.


SW .dot.com   IBM Extends Metadata Management With Unicorn Acquisition

On 8 May 2006, IBM announced the acquisition of Unicorn Solutions to support its data management software portfolio in the area of metadata management. Unicorn leverages semantics and ontologies to assist organizations engaged in enterprise information management activities.

WS strategy    Reality, Promise, And Web Services

In separate announcements, IBM and Microsoft said they're connecting some of their wares to SAP's enterprise software. The idea is to manage SAP's human resources, accounting, and/or inventory applications from the familiar front-end environments of Notes or Office. .


WS standards   W3C web services addressing cleans up with Soap

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) announced today that Web Services Addressing 1.0 (WSA 1.0), consisting of the Core specification and the Soap Binding, has been accepted as a W3C Recommendation.

WS apps   Telcontar unveils Hosted Web Services for location enabled applications

Telconar has announced its hosted Web Services offering for the location based services industrey, a non-branded online service to enable customised, location-enhanced Internet and mobile applications to be developed and deployed.


WS standards  Web Services Addressing 1.0 is Now a W3C Recommendation

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has recently announced that Web Services Addressing 1.0 - consisting of the Core specification and the SOAP Binding - is a W3C Recommendation.

WS strategy    IBM to offer web services on mainframes

Mainframe champion IBM wants to make the mainframe more than just a back-office work horse and more like a web server that enables developers to put up online services that connect directly to clients. There is life in those mainframes yet....


WS standards   OASIS Standardizes BCM

The OASIS international standards consortium has announced that its members have approved the Business-Centric Methodology (BCM) version 1.0 as an OASIS Standard.

SW vision    What to Expect From Another Decade Of Investing Online

An look-forwrad article appearing in the Wall Street Journal speculates "New search technology created by Tim Berners Lee called the "semantic Web," promises to make Internet searches vastly more efficient. "


WS strategy   Sun Set to Release Java EE 5 With Web Services Focus

Sun Microsystems has announced that the Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE) 5 specification has been approved by the Java Community Process (JCP) Java EE/SE Executive Committee. Java EE is a platform for Java and Web services deployment.

WS & SOA   Oracle SOA Suite

Vendors such as Oracle, BEA Systems, and IBM now provide platforms specifically focused on SOA applications. In this article one of these - the Oracle SOA suite - is reviewed.


Semantically speaking  Real World Computng

At the heart of the Semantic Web lies the Resource Description Framework (RDF), a set of specifications based upon the idea of making statements about resources in the form of a subject-predicate-object expression. Maintained by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) RDF provides a methodology for describing resources while retaining a relatively simple data model.


WS perspective  Microsoft CEO sees Web services as top R&D priority

"We've told our R&D folks that our number one priority is software as a service," says Microsoft CEO Ballmer.   The company is planning to spend $1.1 billion for research and spending in the 2007 fiscal year, up from $500 million in fiscal 2005.

EU R&D  Knowledge management of the future

X-Media, a new IST project, aims to push large companies’ intranets into a new era of knowledge management by bridging different formats of media data. The project, which is one of the largest within the area of knowledge management, aims to safeguard a future where intranets instead of being hosted on one server can be hosted on many computers and information will be available through a special tagging system .


WS standards   WS-I focusing on making Web services enterprise-class

The Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I, www.ws-i.org)  has announced that it has approved two new working group charters, which will result in the development of three new WS-I profiles in 2006: the Basic Profile 1.2, Basic Profile 2.0 and the Reliable Secure Profile 1.0. WS-I is a global industry organization that promotes consistent and reliable interoperability among Web services across platforms, applications and programming languages.


Semantic WS    Fall of the tower of babble

An internal report obtained by The Australian earlier this year reveals that the telecoms carrierTelstra is having serious problems managing its data.  The data is spread across 70 repositories, 22 per cent of it contains errors and only two of seven databases that are vital to its customer database are able speak to each other. The problem is business semantics ...


EU R&D    Speeding up the design process with semantics

The newly started IST project TRENDS aimsto help automotive and original equipment manufacturers by developing an automated design trend boards i.e.compilations of global design trends for the future. TRENDS aim to speed up the process by developing software that will automatically search for images from the Web and other digital databases, "using a semantic approach...".

WS standards   Web Services Resource Framework Ratified as OASIS Standard

The OASIS international standards consortium has announced that its members have approved the Web Services Resource Framework (WSRF) version 1.2 as an OASIS Standard.


WS standards  The Godot of Web services specs is submitted to the W3C after its developers correct an ommission

WS-Policy has been submitted to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) for formal approval as a standard after its developers filled a hole in the spec that made companies reluctant to write to it. The move should open the floodgates for Web services security specifications that have been held up by the omission.

WS & SOA   Five SOA myths, forever shattered

Doug Henschen has compiled a list of the top five myths of SOA, based on the comments of industry executives.


WS standards   IBM, BEA, Others Submit SOA Web Services Proposal to W3C

The Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C) has acknowledged the submission of the WS-Policy specifications. The authors, BEA Systems Inc, IBM, Microsoft, SAP AG, Sonic Software and Verisign, believe that the W3C should consider WS-Policy as the basis for work to develop a W3C Recommendation (standard).

SW toolkit    Aurora, a Semantics Standards Workspace

SchemaLogic has announced Aurora, a semantics standards workspace. Aurora allows professionals within companies or throughout a particular industry to work together through wiki-type collaboration to improve business or industry semantics, says SchemaLogic.


SW app    NEWS, but not as we know it

The News Engine Web Services (NEWS) project - supported by E's IST programme - is aimed at news agencies, governments and large enterprises and will enable them to develop highly advanced analysis to raw text, with a vast number of potential applications. At the heart of this functionality is the powerful classification and ontology-based annotation system that can work across languages. The project is coordinated by the Knowledge Management Group at DFKI, the German Research Centre for Artificial Intelligence.

SW app    Virtual reality and semantics giving a helping hand to product engineering

A newly-launched IST project - SEVENPRO - is seeking to improve the product engineering process and bring new products faster from ideas to the market. The project SEVENPRO aims to set up tools for a semantic engineering environment where its tools will assist product engineers and research staff in exploiting the design knowledge in repositories such as CAD/ERP/Documents and to interact it with product knowledge by means of virtual reality.


SW R&D   Nokia to investigate Semantic Web with MIT

A joint venture communications research centre between Nokia and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will investigate the implications of the Semantic Web for mobile Internet applications.

SW applications   Egg founders give Web users control of personal data

The two founding members of the Internet banking firms Egg and First direct have launched the new company garlik which lets users find, manage, correct, remove or promote details about themselves online.


SOA strategy   HP Targets SOA Market

Moving to address the booming service-oriented architecture (SOA) market, Hewlett-Packard Tuesday unveiled products that target four industry segments- financial services, network service provider, public sector, and manufacturing/distribution segments- that it says are poised to grow rapidly in the software development.

WS tools   Sybase iAnywhere Launches SQL Anywhere 10 Beta

Sybase saysSQL Anywhere 10 has been built from inception to address data rich environments that include high-performance server and desktop applications running at remote customer sites, workgroup applications deployed in enterprise departments and remote offices, and mobile applications used by sales people or service technicians.


WS issues  What Issues to Look Out For as You Move from Java to Web Services

"More and more programmers find themselves writing code that, even if it's not currently packaged as a Web Service, will eventually be exposed as one" writes Adam Kolawa in this article appearing in Sys-Con Italia.

SW search   Information Wants To Be Found

A modern paradox: As information becomes more abundant and easier to access, it's often more difficult to find what we're really looking for. That needn't be the case, according to Peter Morville's new book "Ambient Findability" .


WS and SOA   Sexy Clients and Programatic Oaths

The importance of the role of slick GUIs in client demos.


EU R&D   Straight talk for health records

An emerging refinement of ubiquitous Web technology may become a critical ally in the ongoing battle to create interoperable electronic health records (EHR) for government and private-sector health care organizations, if the EU funded Artemis project has its way.

WS strategy   Web services -Microsoft's Path

The company has rolled out its Windows Live strategy –- a collection of technologies that blends PC applications with services that run over the Web (see BW Online, 03/30/06, "Keeping Up with the Googles").


SW & search    Web searches need new approach, says Prof. Horrocks

“The goal of Semantic Web research is to facilitate the development of such applications by transforming the web from a linked document repository into a distributed knowledge base and application platform,” said Professor Horrocks, who was awarded the British Computer Society Roger Needham Award in 2005 for his pioneering work in this area.

SW project    Vikings set out to conquer Semantic Web

German scientists are working on a project they call Wikinger (German for "Viking") based on the concept of Wikipedia to provide virtual knowledge networking in addition to the classic exchange of knowledge at Congresses. The goal of the project is to create a domain-neutral platform for scientists to allow them to perform research in knowledge bases regardless of where they are and to generate new knowledge via the Internet in collaboration.


SOA strategy    Sun hails SOA

Describing SOA as a technology enabling users to reuse existing services, build new ones and save money, Sun officials hailed their own technology stack. Key to this stack is the Sun Java Composite Application Platform Suite (CAPS), which features technology acquired when Sun bought SeeBeyond last year.

SOA strategy   HP Plans SOAs For Specific Markets

HPhas announced that it has designed SOA frameworks geared toward financial services, network service provider, manufacturing and distribution and public sector markets. The technologies will use software from HP's OpenView management suite.


WS language  An Approach to Web Services Non-Functional Requirements Using WSDL Annotations

The notion of describing the service independent of the technology in which it has been implemented has been well captured in the Web Services Definition Language (WSDL) Specification. In this article customisations to WSDL are described to help extend its usefullness.

WS standards   IBM Autonomic Integrated Development Environment

A set of tools for creating Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM)-compliant interfaces for managed resources.


EU R&D   Helping business exploit the power of semantics

A recently launched IST project - TAO - aims to explore whether existing legacy computer systems and application programs can be migrated into open semantics-based Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA) at a reasonable cost.

SO & WSA  Web 2.0, on-demand, SOA to reshape enterprise apps

SOA could become the next big platform shift, according to a report by Merrill Lynch. Along with SOA, Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA) and web services have been advocated by enterprise software companies as the perfect technologies to move toward a web-based architecture.


SW vision  Spread the word, and join it up

Wouldn't it be good if searching online meant instructing software to find and combine data automatically from multiple online databases, rather than supplying some words and getting back a list of web pages? Data is the key to taking the world wide web on to the next level, says its inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee.

SW vision  Spearheading the Semantic Web

Explaining the difference between current Web applications and the Semantic Web, Teranode’s Matt Shanahan said the Semantic Web, in effect, adds “lenses” that let you visualize the data in different ways. He was speaking at at the Bio-IT World Life Sciences Conference + Expo last week.


SW directions:   Berners-Lee's next trick: Creating a more useful Web

Web creator Tim Berners-Lee, speaking at the MIT Information Technology Conference, says that the next phase of the Web, dubbed the Semantic Web (http://www.w3.org/2001/sw/), could start making its presence felt at companies in the next couple of years.

WS concept:   Sharing Lego blocks - Modular software reshapes the computing landscape

The Internet is entering its Lego era.  Blocks of interchangeable software components are proliferating on the Web, and developers are joining them together to create a potentially infinite array of useful new programs. [More from the International Herald Tribune.]


SOA strategy:   IBM Offers SOA Web Services "Entry Points"

IBM has announced new software and services as part of its ongoing SOA strategy. It has identified five entry points to enable customers to more easily approach and initiate a  SOA project. These entry points include people-, process- and information-centric approaches as well as connectivity and the ability to reuse existing assets.


W3C in China:   World Wide Web Consortium Launches Office in Mainland China

W3C has announced the launch of its China Office on 27 April 2006. W3C, through its newest office, is inviting experts in China to join the international project of developing Web standards at W3C.

Web seminar:   "How to Bulletproof Your SOA -The Five Things You Need for Secure SOA And Web Services"

Wednesday, April 5, 2006, at 18:00 CET (16:00 GMT). Register here.


WS & Users:   Webalo puts the user back into web services

Although web services are typically associated with the automated interplay of applications exposed as services, one company wants to put the user back into the equation. Webalo Inc has unveiled a hosted service that ensures that any web services exposed directly to end users are presented consistently.  The company claims to bridge the gap between SOA (services-oriented architectures) and end users and calls its invention a "user proxy."

Special report:   How much is that SOA in the window? (Part I)

The very nature of most SOA implementations, which start small and build incrementally, may be incompatible with the traditional licensing model. And the very nature of open source software, which enables an organization to start a project with no money down, removes the financial barrier to entry. It also delivers on SOA's basic promise of agility—the community controls the code, so there is no vendor lock-in.


EU R&D:   European Semantic Web Conference 2006: Paving the way to the next Internet revolution

At present, web pages are designed with human readers in mind, not machines. Most are written in ‘HTML’ – short for HyperText Markup Language . Liverpool University’s Semantic Web Technologies Lab has developed one of the first prototype tools to help people upgrade existing web pages to take advantage of the SW, even if they are dynamically generated.

SW standards    Image Annotation on the Semantic Web

This draft submission toW3C aims (i) to explain what the advantages are of using Semantic Web languages and technologies for the creation, storage, manipulation, interchange and processing of image metadata, and (ii) to provide guidelines for doing so. The document gives a number of use cases that illustrate ways to exploit Semantic Web technologies for image annotation .


SW ontologies:   Searching and Ranking Ontologies on the Semantic Web

A paper appearing in In Proceedings of Workshop on Ontology Management: Searching, Selection, Ranking, and Segmentation. 3rd K-CAP 2005 , Banff, Canada. Access the( PDF) paper here.

WS security:   A look at emerging Web security architectures from a Semantic Web perspective

Dan Connolly's account of the W3C security workshop this week, with a description of SXIP and comparisons to OpenID, Yadis, and the other "Identity 2.0" techniques brewing.


WS standards:   Toward converging Web service standards for resources, events, and management

HP, IBM, Intel, and Microsoft have published a roadmap to describe ongoing work to reconcile and converge currently overlapping standards and specifications. The result are expected to provide an industry-wide set of standards for resources access and eventing that will be useful for many scenarios in management integration, manageability, and grid computing.

WS security:   RAMP up to secure Web services

Members of the Web Services Interoperabilty Organisation, known as WS-I, will vote this week on a technical submission called Reliable Asynchronous Messaging Profile (RAMP). If accepted, a working group would create a reliable-messaging profile based on the proposal, said Tom Glover, the chairman of the WS-I and an IBM executive.


EU R&D:   Semantics for process management within and between enterprises

Semantics could help businesses to optimise their services, if introduced into business process management systems, according to an IST project SUPER that will be launched in April 2006. The SUPER project aims to raise business process management (BPM) to the business level rather than the IT level where it mostly resides now. as acknowledged and published the Member Submissions of the WS-Eventing, WS-Transfer and WS-Enumeration specifications, along with a big list of co-submitters.


WS standards:  Three Specifications Submitted to W3C

The W3C has acknowledged and published the Member Submissions of the WS-Eventing, WS-Transfer and WS-Enumeration specifications, along with a big list of co-submitters.

Gartner study:  Dissecting a Puzzling Pronouncement on Web Services and SOA

Are Web services and SOA worlds apart? Daryl Plummer, analyst and research fellow at Gartner, has just published an editorial in Optimize Magazine questioning the role Web services should play in SOA. .

IST 2006:  Website launched, calls for proposals open

European organisations from across Europe can now submit proposals to the annual IST Event  via the website for the Exhibition and the Networking Programme. The European IST event is an important event in the field of Information Society Technologies and this year it will take place in Helsinki on 21-23 November, coinciding with the launch of the EU's Seventh Framework Research Programme.


WS content:   BBC vows to reinvent web services

Sharing a platform with Microsoft boss Bill Gates at a technology conference in Las Vegas, the BBC's Ashley Highfield, director of the BBC's new media division, has outlined plans to redesign its online offering for an era of on-demand TV and radio, and personalised web services.

WS & SOA:   Oracle SOA suite

The primary component in SOA Suite is Oracle's BPEL PM 10.1.2. SOA Suite is a J2EE offering that can be deployed in a number of containers, including IBM's WebSphere, BEA Systems' WebLogic, JBoss and OracleAS. By default, the suite installs in an OracleAS container with an embedded OracleLite meta-data repository. .


SWS access:   Ordnance Survey challenged to open up

Sir Tim Berners-Lee has told an Oxford University audience last week getting "basic, raw data from Ordnance Survey" online would help build the "semantic web", which he defines as a web of data using standard formats so that relevant data can be found and processed by computers.

SWS application (?):   VisitEurope.com - successfully launched

On March 21th, the European Tourism Destination Portal visiteurope.com was launched by European Commission's Vice President Verheugen at the European Tourism Ministers' Conference in Vienna.  Apart from being multi-lingual one of its highlighted features claims " ...an ontology-based, semantic web search functionality will be available, allowing users to get cross-language search results for their queries. "


SW.com:   Booming Confidence In Start-Ups

Coming on the heels of the Wall Street Journal story about euphoric VCs pouring cash on start-ups, there is a feel-good mood among the new crop of start-ups.  One of the beneficiaries of this  mood swing, according to this blog from Tech Search is " ... "semantic Web" startups such as Riya.com and Vast. "


SW standards:   W3C Renews Web Services Activity, with Launch of Working Group for WSDL

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has reinforced its commitment to building the foundations of Web Services by renewing its Web Services Activity with a new group chartered to enhance Web services descriptions with semantics. Augmenting Web services with Semantic Web technology makes it easier to automate the composition and discovery of Web Services.

WS & SOA:   Portals and SOA

The good news for portal adopting enterprises is that the portals will continue to perform their traditional functions for the foreseeable future and will take on new and equally important roles as SOA is adopted. scriptions with semantics. Augmenting Web services with Semantic Web technology makes it easier to automate the composition and discovery of Web Services.


WS standards:   Software Giants to simplify Web services

Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel and Microsoft are launching an effort to converge overlapping standards and make things easier, an HP representative annou nced  recently. The companies have published a white paper about the endeavor entitled, "Toward converging Web services standards for resources, events and management."

SOA & WS:   Putting a Face on Web Services and SOA

The path from high-level architectural principles to programming a functioning,  real-world service isn't always clear. In the final analysis, you still need to create a clean user interface that's as flexible as the services it consumes. ..


Metadata:   Knowledge - The Essence of Metadata
Today, booking a holiday on Travelocity or Expedia means reviewing images, customer comments, local amenities and areas of interest. We can compare and contrast multiple locations, hotels, travel agendas and the weather. Local influence has been replaced by trusted global networks or social networks that connect people with similar interests.


Ontologies:   Haley Introduces the Business Ontology eXchange

Haley Systems Inc., a provider of business rules management systems, has introduced the Business Ontology eXchange, or BOX(TM), the industry's first online resource where business analysts, knowledge workers, consultants, services partners and others can share existing ontologies.

SW contest:   Semantic Web Challenge at ISWC 2006

The central idea of the Semantic Web is to extend the current human-readable web by encoding some of the semantics of resources in a machine-processable form. Moving beyond syntax opens the door to more advanced applications and functionality on the Web. Computers will be better able to search, process, integrate and present the content of these resources in a meaningful, intelligent manner. .


WS interoperability:   Microsoft, Sun Do Web Services Interoperability Tango

Microsoft hosted its second Windows Communication Foundation a.k.a. 'Indigo') Interop Plug-fest with Sun last week, and at least five Sun engineers attended the three-day event on Microsoft's Redmond campus to test interoperability between Sun's Project Tango and Indigo.

SW interview    What’s the future for the World Wide Web?

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, director of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) , speaks to the BCS for its publication 'IT Now' to support the forthcoming special conference devoted to the World Wide Web (WWW2006) at which he will be a key speaker.


SOA & GRID :  Event to learn how Service Oriented Architecture applies to your Grid

Grid Computing Now! is hosting a half-day event on Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in Edinburgh 16 March. Four vendors - BT, Oracle, Microsoft and IBM - will present their case studies of the Grid, how it applies to SOA and the key business advantages.


SOA & WS :   Web Services At A Crossroads

Implemention strategies for Web services are splitting into two camps: building enterprise SOAs and exploiting Web technologies. Which is right for you?

Smart search:  blinkx Launches Pico, the World's Smallest Search Engine (Press Release)

Small is beautiful? "Pico mines the latent Web, making implicit connections and dynamically delivering highly relevant information to users." 

SOA standards:  SOAP versus REST: the choice is yours

Of the two underlying technologies used to build web services, SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) is by far the better known, having been “pushed by the corporate heavies like Microsoft and IBM”  for several years.


WS tools:  Yahoo! unveils Ajax Web services

Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) is not all that new. "We had a group inside Yahoo! working on Ajax applications for years before they were called Ajax," says Ash Patel, chief product officer for Yahoo! Inc.

SOA & WS tools    Oracle SOA Suite

Oracle has spent several years acquiring technology and putting the pieces together into a cohesive offering--including Collaxa for BPEL, Oblix for WS-Security and WS-Management, and branded Systinet BSR 6.0 for its registry/repository. Toss in a rules engine and the result is SOA Suite .


WS tools:  Perfect Partner for Web Services - Getting to Know XForms

HTML forms are one of the best-known techniques for gathering data from a user and submitting that data to a server. However, HTML forms don't natively support all of the features needed by current Web applications. The W3C XForms Recommendation is one way of addressing some of these issues.

WS showcase:   Wicked Web Services

Web services are a collective killer application. However, because they don't have a single commonly known interface (like e-mail or instant messaging), people are largely unaware of how pervasive and powerful Web services have become. An excellent case in point is the "All My Accounts" service provided by Bank of America and a number of other banks.

SOA marketing:  Cognos expands agreement with IBM

Cognos is expanding its strategic alliance with IBM to offer joint development, marketing and sales of services-oriented architecture based software.


SW app:   Universities adapt to a shrinking world

The Open University is switching its VLE ('virtual learning environment') from Blackboard and Web CT to the open access system Moodle. "We are moving to Moodle because it is an open-source, open-tools, collaborative environment," says the OU's Peter Scott. "We generate data so that students can search for meaning rather than content and syntax," says Scott. "It is called semantic web research and is very different from web-page formatting on HTML. A semantic-based system is a lot more powerful.

SOA & WS:   Lego My SOA

SOA is a concept that works naturally in a partitioned application world - it allows the natural creation of interfaces and construction of software from basic services. A previous generation of coders might have recognized this as the same mantra used by proponents of component-based development, with increased interoperability being the added bonus of the current SOA strategy. And to an extent they'd be right - SOA is a modern software Lego set.


WS apps:   DreamWorks aims for open-source with SOA project

Dreamworks Animation has detailed its service-oriented architecture (SOA) project, which entailes re-engineering 12 legacy applications as business services for tasks such as copyright tracking, accessing human resources data and pulling information from back-end ERP systems.

WS stats:   Statistics on eBay Web Services usage

The number of eBay Web Services transactions through APIs has increased 84% in the last year. More stats available in this short ZD Net news item.


SW Search:   Kit, an Open Source Semantic Web-Based Search Engine

Caboodle Networks has launched an open source search engine based upon semantic web standards. This new search engine, Kit, (available for free at http://semantical.org) is ideal for finding digital content and services otherwise poorly suited to discovery by traditional text-retrieval search engines the company claims. Kit designers also claim that it "conforms to, and is guided by, standards adopted within the W3C Semantic Web standards initiative. "

SW at WWW 2006:  Future of semantic web up for discussion

What can semantic web technologies help achieve today and where is the semantic web heading in the future? These aresome of the topics for a Semantic Web Industry Day organised in connection with the WWW2006 in Edinburgh, UK, 24 May.


SW contest:   Semantic Web Challenge at ISWC 2006

The central idea of the Semantic Web is to extend the current human-readable web by encoding some of the semantics of resources in a machine-processable form. Moving beyond syntax opens the door to more advanced applications and functionality on the Web. Computers will be better able to search, process, integrate and present the content of these resources in a meaningful, intelligent manner. .


EU R&D:   Access-eGov -Accessible eGovernment embracing the Semantic Web

Access-eGov, an IST project partially funded under the IST Programme of FP6 (eGovernment research), aims at increasing the accessibility of public administration services for citizens and business users by supporting the interoperability among existing electronic and “traditional” government services.   A consortium consisting of eleven partners from five countries (Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Greece, and Egypt) is led by the Technical University of Kosice.

WS markets:  Telecoms, Web Firms Jostle Over Location Services

When U.S. regulators required that mobile handsets carry an electronic beacon giving the user's whereabouts, they handed telecoms and technology companies a hot new business opportunity. Sprint Nextel and Verizon are already using the technology to help companies locate employees who are on the road and to aid travelers planning a weekend trip, charging up to $15 a month for their services. Now, Google and other Web services firms are also stepping into the arena.


WS on WS:   Wall Street - Linux Gets a Lift from Web Services

At this week's "2006 Web Services/SOA on Wall Street" conference, a financial services IT trade show held in New York City, participants said Linux and open source implementations are on the rise on Wall Street. They cited Web services and incremental improvements to tech support as two big drivers.

SOA & WS application:  IBM SOA Web Services Solution Transforms Shipping Business

IBM has announced that Coscon, China’s largest container shipping company, is relying on IBM software and services to help streamline its business processes, increase efficiency and enhance collaboration with its customers, partners and suppliers.


WS marketing:   IBM Begins Paying Partners for Web Services Referrals

IBM will pay a 10 percent referral fee to partners who send sales to select Web services vendors.

EU R&D :   Decentralised search finds results

The IST-funded GRACE  project is developing a prototype search and categorisation engine that couples the power of powerful natural-language processing methods with Grid computing offers hope to those sifting through the mass of unstructured data distributed across a company’s networks. .


Web vs. Grid:  "Web" or "Grid" - Isn't it ironic?

Savas writes in his weblog    "....the Grid is nothing but an application domain of distributed computing and that it needs no new infrastructure. Our latest paper supports this statement and proposes the use of stable infrastructure technologies (in the WS-* space) for realizing high-level, Grid application domain-specific services. "

EU R&D :  A European research institute to aid European research?

The Commission is proposing to the European Council to set up a European Institute of Technology (EIT) intended to be a new flagship for excellence in higher education, research and innovation. Originally put forward in 2005 as part of the revamp of the Lisbon strategy for growth and jobs,  the Commission has based its work on the results of a wide public consultation collecting more than 700 contributions.

WS standards:  Web services standards - 60 and counting

Having trouble keeping up with all the standards being launched around Web services?  Join the club. In a new analysis, Jason Stamper provides a much-needed clarification on where we're at in the standards world. He notes that there are now more than 60 Web services standards and specifications at some stage of development or approval.


WWW 2006:  Health Experts Take To The Stage At WWW2006

Expert speakers from the world of health and medical informatics will take to the stage in Edinburgh at the 15th annual World Wide Web Conference on Friday 26th May. Delegates will hear speeches on patient confidentiality, the impact of the Semantic Web on healthcare and the use and management of healthcare information via the Internet.

WS standards:  Web Services Standards Investigated

Web services are only as reliable, secure and scalable as the standards that form their foundation. So have we reached sufficient maturity? Jason Stamper reports in this article Business Review online.

SOA & WS strategy:  HP, Oracle Sign SOA Deal

Hoping to bolster each other's strategy around service-oriented architectures (SOAs), Hewlett-Packard recently announced a joint effort with Oracle to integrate Oracle's Fusion Middleware into its SOA portfolio. .


W3C recommendations :  W3C Issues Three Web Services Recommendations

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has published three new Web Services Recommendations: XML-binary Optimized Packaging (XOP), SOAP Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism (MTOM), and Resource Representation SOAP Header Block (RRSHB). These recommendations provides ways to efficiently package and transmit binary data included or referenced in a SOAP 1.2 message.

SW conference :  Semantic Technology Conference Boasts Customer Case Studies

The Semantic Technology Conference (SemTech 2006), promises to confirm the rapid growth in adoption of semantic technologies when over a dozen customer case studies are presented during the conference on March 6-9, 2006, in San Jose, California. [see Events]


W3C seminar :  W3C To Hold Web Services and Semantics Seminar

W3C is organising a public seminar on Web Services entitled "Using Web services: from infrastructure to semantics" on 6 March 2006 at the Palais Brongniart in Paris, France. Focusing on semantic enhancements to Web services applications, this free event promises to provide concrete examples of business challenges and how they have been resolved through the use of Web Services.

W3C interest group :  W3C Launches Group Linking Medical Industry with Semantic Web

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is launching a new interest Group- Semantic Web for Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group (HCLSIG) - to connect medical industry verticals with Semantic Web experts in an effort to improve collaboration, research and development, and innovation adoption in the health care and life science industries.


EU R&D consultation :  Public consultation on Future and Emerging Technologies in FP7 launched

The Coordination Action 'Beyond-The-Horizon', which is led by ERCiM, is inviting researchers in Europe to participate in defining the major challenges and research directions on Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) that could be supported in the forthcoming Seventh Framework Programme (FP7) for research and development. The Beyond the Horizon consultation website is open for comments and contributions on these reports until 31 March 2006 .

WS tools :  Altova Simplifies Web Services With Visual Design Tools

According to Altova, by leveraging the visual design capabilities of Altova XMLSpy and MapForce, customers can quickly develop applications based on WSDL, SOAP, and other Web-based industry standards so that data can be easily shared across disparate business systems.


SW application:  EU funded Linux Project Aimed at Creating a Social Semantic Desktop

Mandriva, the publisher of the Mandriva Linux operating system, has announced that its subsidiary has been successful in NEPOMUK Social Semantic Desktop project, lead by DFKI,  and funded under the European Union's Sixth Framework Programme. The total project budget is €17 million, part-funded by the EU.  Major partners of the project include DFKI, SAP, Thales, and IBM among others.

SOA strategy:  HP, Oracle Sign SOA Deal

Hoping to bolster each other's strategy around service-oriented architectures (SOAs), Hewlett-Packard today is announcing a joint effort with Oracle to integrate Oracle's Fusion Middleware into its SOA portfolio.

WS Standards:  Members Approve WS-Security v1.1 as OASIS Standard

Adobe, BEA Systems, Computer Associates, Fujitsu, Hewlett-Packard, Hitachi, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Nokia, Oracle, SAP, Sun Microsystems, VeriSign, and others many collaborate to advance foundational standard for Web Services security.


Web 2.0 :   Does it Exist, and Why on Earth Should You Care?

An interesting blog from WIRED. It starts "Believe it or not, it's actually a major plus for tech development that the zealots of Web 2.0 seem barely able to describe what they are building."

Web 2.0 :   The Best Web 2.0 Software of 2005

"The pick of some of the best Web 2.0 software that I've come across so far, "  writes Dion Hinchcliffe. 

SW :  Looking for Meaning in the Semantic Web

There are some problems with the Semantic Web. To build it, every resource must be "tagged" with XML-like tags. Clearly, that is a problem of scale. Who will tag the Web and how long will that take? Among the more creative answers are, 1) let everyone tag it and 2) devise tools that can create tags without human intervention. It remains a work in progress. .


SW applications:   Semantic Web tools for car design

Semantic Web tools are not commonplace yet, but they've reached the early adopter stage. The semantic tools provided by the EU-funded WIDE project allow designers and engineers to collaborate over the Web even if they don't share a common technical language and come from various cultures.  [Source of the story can be found here.]

SW theme at WWW'06:   Berners-Lee to speak at first UK WWW 2006 conference

The impact and the future of the world wide web will come under discussion at the WWW2006 conference to be held at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre, from 23-26 May 2006. EU funded SW projects will have a strong presence at the conference, which will also be attended by Tim Berners-Lee.


SW applications:   Semi-automatic multimedia monitor tracks sponsorship

IST funded project DIRECT INFO has developed a prototype of the Web Services-based system was successfully tested in the sports arena. The system automatically monitors TV programmes and print media, thus keeping sponsors and media analysts informed about coverage.

WS survey:  "Web services still in rudimentary stages"

The results of a recent Gartner survey on Web services adoption apparently hardly mentions the terms 'SOA' or 'service-oriented architecture' in the 40-page report, which isinterpreted as recognition that most Web services projects aren't at the SOA-enablement stage, yet.


SW applications:   Using semantics to improve the European patents market

A new EU funded semantics project - PATExpert - aiming at making patent assessment easier and faster has just been launched. PATExpert will aim to find a way of developing an assessment system based on semantic processing, viewing the patents as multimedia knowledge objects. The project will develop a multimedia content representation formalism based on Semantic Web technologies for selected technology areas.

EU R&D :   Reasoning about semantics

Current semantic Web languages have limitations in their reasoning. These will be the focus of a workshop and a summer school organised by the IST project REWERSE. The 4th Workshop on Principles and Practice of Semantic Web Reasoning (PPSWR'06) PPSWR will be held on 10-11 June 2006 in Budva, Montenegro. .


SW applications:   GovTrack.us, Public Data, and the Semantic Web

There's one type of information that is unarguably meant to be free, and that's information about our government. The more knowledge citizens have about government the better. So how can we use XML and the Semantic Web to make it easier to get that knowledge, and to foster civic participation? www.GovTrack.us is a site that gathers existing information on the web about the U.S. Congress and puts it all together in new ways.

SemTech 2006:   Conference Focuses on the Commercialization of Emerging Semantic Web Technologies

The Semantic Technology Conference (SemTech 2006), the conference on semantic technology in the U.S., has announced its lineup of keynote speakers on March 6-9, 2006 in San Jose, California.


SW & W3C:   W3C breeds Incubator Activity

Incubator Activity is stirring at the W3C. The World Wide Web Consortium, the body that controls Internet standards, has launched a new initiative to help foster the rapid development of new Web-related concepts and technologies, ready for subsequent standardisation.

WS issues:   Too much complexity stifling web services

While agreeing that web services and standardisation is the way forward, speakers at a recent SDForum  forum complained that complexity was hampering progress. Citing issues ranging from competing standards to a lack of end-user participation in standards development, speakers gave a mostly poor progress report on web services interoperability.

WS applications:   Beyond the corporate firewall: web services enable data sharing

Applications from different organisations are talking to each other in a number of projects in the US, according to this ComputerWorld article by Heather Havenstein.


WS & SOA:   Capitalising on the opportunities of SOA

Although some industry analysts predict that SOA is soon to become a mainstream proposition, there is still a lot of confusion and misunderstanding in the industry about what SOA is and why it is important.  The more misunderstanding there is, the more opportunities will be missed, and the more challenges and risks will go unmanaged...


WSDL 2.0:   Web services' lightning rod standard

Version 2.0 of WSDL (Web Services Description Language) differs substantially from previous releases, with a new component model, interface inheritance and other changes designed to reduce complexity. Critics, however, argue it has added complexity and abandoned the notion of backwards compatibility in the process.

SW conference:   British Computer Society announces speaker line-up for World Wide Web conference 2006

The conference, organised by the University of Southampton in association with the BCS will bring together key players from the international web community. It is to be held at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre from 23rd-26th May 2006 and is expected to attract 1500 to 2000 delegates.


WS a pplication :   NASA discovers a SOA for Earth data

NASA’s early foray into Web services technology nets a fully functional service-oriented architecture

SW application :   Toward the Personal Work Space

Personal workspaces provide a collaborative environment in which users can access, share and communicate with others about the information they need to do their jobs. Many companies are developing and deploying these environments using Web portals. The challenge is selecting tools that will support a single, cohesive environment.


WS choreography :   Modeling Web Services Choreography with New Eclipse Tool

Choreography is the dark continent of Web services. Few onlookers have traveled there, and many question whether there are any riches to be brought home from the trip. In the first place, choreographies bear such a striking resemblance to business processes that the novice might think that the two types of artifacts are indistinguishable. 

WS & SOA:   SOA And The CIO - Changing Rules, Changing Roles

Heading the list of revolutionary changes will be the creation of what SAP board member Shai Agassi calls the "chief process innovation officer." But that's only the beginning of Agassi's SOA vision. Agassi sees a whole list of new job titles coming out of the SOA revolution, such as "repository keepers," "composers," and "disruptive innovators" . 


EU R&D:   Making friends and influencing people made easier by talking semantics

The architecture and software development environment being created by the IST-funded VIKEF project will lead to semantic services and knowledge management applications to help conference organisers better match their events with current market and research trends. 

WS standards:  The Web Services Distributed Management (WSDM) Standard

Is WSDM just another management standard? Or a significant step in the direction of producing manageable web-based systems, software, and networks? Stephen Morris looks at the various aspects of the argument.

SW standards:   Australian expert joins W3C group

Dr David Hansen of the Australian e-Health Research Centre has joined the Semantic Web for Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group (HCLSIG) of W3C. HCLSIG is a recently formed World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) interest group that had it’s first meeting in Boston last week.


WS:   Web services still too complex

The take-up of web services is still being hampered by their complexity and the confusion arising from the proposed standards, according to participants at an SDForum Interoperability Forum - An Open Industry Dialog.

SOA basics:   The Blueprint to Successful SOA Implementations

This article walks through some of the important SOA design patterns and considerations for building SOA-based solutions, at the same time provideing a quick summary of current state of industry initiatives towards standardising the SOA Blueprints.

WS & MS:   Microsoft - Services, Software Will Coexist

In an interview with the IDG News Service last week, Jim Allchin, co-president of Microsoft's Platforms, Products & Services Division, said that offering services will add new business models to Microsoft's repertoire, but even 10 years from now it will not replace software licensing.


Ontologies:  Ontology Construction from Online Ontologies

Reuse of existing ontologies offers a much cheaper alternative than building new ones from scratch, yet tools to support such reuse are still in their infancy. However, more ontologies are becoming available on the web, and online libraries for storing and indexing ontologies are increasing in number and demand. The full paper is (PDF) is available here.

Ontologies:   Capturing real-world knowledge with Protégé OWL

Take a 10-year-old open source project with a global user community. Add support for World Wide Web Consortium Semantic Web standards and some hard-core computer science research, and what do you get? In the case of Protégé OWL the answer is the best application I've seen for modeling, capturing, and sharing knowledge about the real world.


EU R&D:    Enter the Semantic Grid

Working under the IST programme-funded OntoGrid project, a team of European researchers are helping the evolution of the Grid from a distributed network of computers in which the meaning of information is implicit and hidden into a medium that will allow computers as well as humans to interpret and share semantically-enriched data.

SOA & WS:   Are You SOA New School, or Old?

...  there are really two kinds of SOA technology vendors out there, old school and new school - each offering very different approaches to solving the SOA problem.


EU R&D:   Building Grids between EU and China

In line with the support of the intercontinental extension of the European Research Area (ERA) a Grid project between EU and China ('EUChinaGRID') has been launched. The project aims to support the integration and interoperability of the Grid infrastructures in Europe and China for the benefit of e-science applications and worldwide Grid initiatives.

EU R&D:   Taking Semantics further

Exploring how ontologies can develop further through uncovering new methods and technologies, will be the mission of the new IST project NeOn. NeOn will be piloted across two different sectors - pharmaceuticals and agriculture/fisheries, whose realistic and large-volume data sets are not manageable using today's technology.

EU R&D:   Semantics in a cheaper meaning

A new IST project OpenKnowledge has been launched aiming at making semantic-based technology cheaper and more accessible. OpenKnowledge, through the creation of a forum for Open Source for Semantics, connecting researchers from Amsterdam, Barcelona, Edinburgh, Open University, Southampton and Trento, hopes to lower the cost of semantic-based systems.


WS definition:  SOA Web Services: "Ruling Out Services"

Ask 10 people the question: What is SOA? You will most likely get 10 different answers. Chances are that in more than 50 percent of the cases, the word "Web services" will be a part of the answer. One of the technology paradigms that does not instantly come to mind though is "business rules."

WS standards:   Is RDF mapping for WSDL going anywhere?

The Web Services Description Working Group has been working on an RDF mapping for WSDL 2.0. This message to the community raises three concerns, and asks for more feedback from those that will be affected...


WS Survey:   Web Services Up for Info Integration

The 2005 Enterprise Information Integration (EII) Survey results show increasing synergy between EII and Web Services Among users who have deployed multiple EII applications 63% use a Web Service as a data source in their EII projects and 53% publish their combined information as a Web Service.

Semantic app:  Rescentris Releases Version 2.5 of its Semantic Notebook

Rescentris Ltd., a provider of electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) software for biology and multi-disciplinary life sciences,  has announced CERF 2.5 and the CERF Development Kit to help life sciences organizations better manage their research information. CERF - Collaborative Electronic Research Framework(TM) - is " the industry's only ELN built on semantic web technologies," according to Rescentris.


EU R&D:  A semantic solution to finding information among peers

Peer-to-peer systems have advantages over centralised server-reliant networks, but finding information among multiple distributed databases can prove difficult. European researchers working in the SWAP project, funded under the EU's IST programme, solved the problem by adding Semantic Web technology to P2P networks.

W3C workshop:   World Wide Web Consortium To Hold Ubiquitous Web Workshop

W3C is bringing together representatives from industry and research organizations on 9-10 March in Tokyo, Japan for a Workshop aimed at exploring the vision of the Web as a distributed applications platform for use in offices, home networks, and in mobile, automotive and other industries.


WS survey:   Web Services, ACORD Adoption on Steep Rise with Insurance Carriers

SEEC's survey results finding shows that full 90% of carriers have adopted some form of Web Services within their information technology architecture, and 58% of those have adopted the industry-specific ACORD (Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development) XML standards as part of their Web Services initiatives.

WS apps:   Lending Evolves with XML Services

A case study in how a top 10 mortgage bank was able to leverage XML Web services in an application fluent network to streamline their operations and add to competitive advantage is available for download (329Kb, PDF) from this page.


SOA & WS:   Oracle Claims Breakthrough for SOA Web Services Fusion Middleware

Oracle is saying that 2005 represented "a breakthrough year for Oracle Fusion Middleware" which saw the unveiling of its ‘Hot-Pluggable’ SOA Suite.

SOA anatomy:   Building a SOA? Start with Semantic Mapping and Ontologies

The notion of ontologies helps the application integration and SOA architect prepare generalizations that make the problem domain more understandable.


WS in 2006:   IE7 (& AJAX) Tipped To Play Major Role in the Shape of i-Technology in 2006

2006 promises to be a vintage year for software development. .SYS-CON Media assembles the views of the leading industry pundits as to what will be key in the forseeable future.

Web 2.0:   What 'Web 2.0' means to us

This isn't a separate Web. In fact, chances are you've been using it. Unlike Internet2, which is a separate entity, when people speak of Web 2.0 they're speaking of the way existing technologies are being used to create an entirely different online experience.


WS apps:   StrikeIron Offers Web Services on salesforce.com's AppExchange

Salesforce.com customers can now add live business demographics, data verification and cleansing capabilities and a long list of additional functionality simply by adding Web services from the StrikeIron Web Services Marketplace, according to a joint statement from t he two companies.

WS & SOA:   BPEL SOA and Web Services For Java

The Business Process Execution Language for Web Services (BPEL4WS) is a language for the definition and execution of business processes. Though it is not the only standard process language, BPEL is the most popular, and it's beginning to saturate the process space.


EU R&D:   EU kicks off agent-based computing drive

A European Union research programme has been initiated to help co-ordinate the development of agent-based computing technology over the next decade. Funded by the EU's Information Society Technologies programme, the mission of AgentLink III is to address current state-of-the-art and postulated future directions for agent-based computing.  Another  related article Where now for agent-based computing?

SW News app:   SemNews - indexed by Swoogle

SemNews monitors different RSS News Sources and provides a structured representation of the meaning of the news. The meaning is extracted using OntoSem, a Natural Language Processing system that uses a constructed world model or an Ontology. The published RDF documents are also indexed by Swoogle, a semantic web search engine.

Predictions for 2006:   Java, .NET, SOA, Web Services, Linux, XML, Open Source and AJAX

SYS-CON Media's roundup of i-Technology predictions from around the Web and the year's harvest of thoughts and viewpoints.


WS tutorial:   Call SOAP Web services with Ajax (Part 2)

Implement support for Web Services Addressing Language and Web Services Resource Framework. Part 1 available here.


WS design tutorial:   Designing mobile Web services

From when to choose mobile Web services to the overall design guidelines to the value types to use in mobile Web services, this article addresses many of the design considerations you need to ponder when developing Web services for mobile devices.


WS cartoon  :-)   Dilbert on Web Services

Dilbert tries to go along with WS standards.

SW apps:   Health Care IT Project Eyes Semantic Web

Next month, a visionary group of IT and health care professionals hope to demo their approach to better interop and integration of medical data between providers. The prototype is theemerging result of theEU-funded ARTEMIS project


SOA & WS:   Are SOA and web-services synonymous?

There is a big buzz over SOA and most of that buzz ties-up SOA with Web Services (WS). I do not think this coupling is required or even beneficiary for both technologies, says Amir Shevat  writing in OnJava.com

Multimodal WS:   Yahoo syncs Web services with TV, mobiles

Yahoo has launched a service that makes its Internet services easier to access and use on mobile phones and TVs.


Semantic Web:  To tag or not to tag?

As search engines become more powerful, agencies debate the usefulness of metadata. Should agencies take the trouble of including metadata with the content they produce? Or is it unnecessary, a quaint practice to be rendered obsolete by the exponentially growing power of computer processors?

SW application:  Semantic Descriptors To Help The Hunt For Music

You like a certain song and want to hear other tracks like it, but don't know how to find them? Ending the needle-in-a-haystack problem of searching for music on the Internet or even in your own hard drive is a new audio-based music information retrieval system.


WS standards:   Iona's Newcomer on ESBs, XML and Web services standards (Part 2/4)

In this interview Iona Technologies' chief  technology officer Eric Newcomer talks about how the Eclipse Foundation intends to make its mark on SOA and what to expect coming out of service modeling and mediation efforts.

WS basics:   Demystifying Web Services in CRM

The holy grail of CRM -- achieving a single view of the customer -- is within reach for companies starting to experiment with Web Services.


EU Research:  Semantic Web travel services on a voyage of discovery

IST-funded SATINE project is developing a semantic-based interoperability framework for exploiting Web-service platforms across peer-to-peer networks in the tourism industry hopes to set free the valuable Web-based tourism information"The concept, ‘semantic web services’, is very important for the tourism industry since the industry is structured as a distributed environment, " says Prof. Dogac, coordinator of the project.

Banking on SOA:   Eight Banks Join SAP In Development of Service-Oriented Architecture

SAP has lined up several banks to participate in its Industry Value Network for Banks, a consortium that will define business processes that can be shared between network members, deployed as components of a service-oriented architecture (SOA). The participating banks announced last month are ABN Amro, Absa, Barclays, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Postbank, ING, and Standard Bank.

Eclipsing .NET:  Eclipse Casts Shadow On .NET

Eclipse is the second leading development environment behind Visual Studio of Microsoft. Eclipse proponents say the platform will produce an IDE that will allow IT to move from abstract Web services design to development and testing within a single application environment. Leading players supporting it include nearly 40 established developers, including HP, IBM, SAP, Novell, and Oracle.

SOA& Web 2.0:   Web 2.0 = The Global SOA

The Web has become the platform of choice for many organizations, and with success of SaaS (Software as a Service) companies such as Salesforce.com and NetSuite, this is quickly becoming true. All of this is Web 2.0, or better yet the Global SOA. 

SOA at work:   Ten examples of SOA at work, right now

From ZD Net blogs. 

EU Research:   Building interoperability into medical information systems

IST-funded ARTEMIS project provides the desperately required interoperability between medical information systems through semantically-enriched Web services that use defined meanings of individual pieces of input and output parameters.

SW Search:   I Column Like I CM - Finders Keepers

Bookmarking a favorite is the most common (and basic) technique for making a Web page re-findable. Re-finding content seems a problem crying out for tagging with a little metadata, the way del.icio.us lets you tag your bookmarks. The added value of del.icio.us-type tagging, plus the participation in a community of taggers who share your interests, appears to be an obvious plus.


IST Call 6:  FP6  IST call 6 now open

The European Commission has launched IST Call 6, with a total indicative budget of €140 million and is covering Ambient Assisted Living (AAL), advanced robotics, search engines for audiovisual content and international cooperation. The call is launched under sixth framework programme, and the deadline is 25 April 2006.

WS hiccups:  Web services thrive, but failures outrage users

Web sites that share blogs, bookmarks and photos have exploded in popularity in 2005, but in recent weeks a number of major failures left users stranded and frustrated.


SW blogger:    When Sir Tim Berners-Lee Starts Blogging, the Web World Listens

"The Father of the Web Joins the Blogosphere." A follow-up of the story first appearing on 22.12.2005


SW dream:   Search for Meaning

Search is still dumb, and despite reams of research, dreams of a sophisticated Semantic Web — with a common syntax that will enable software-agent bots to communicate, book flights and otherwise do your bidding without human assistance — remain unrealized

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