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News Archive 2004

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WS without MSMicrosoft revokes Passport service

Microsoft has given up on trying to push its controversial Passport sign-on service to other companies. Its decision to shut down its Passport partner program comes after one of its largest allies - eBay - said it would retire Passport in January and use its own service instead.

WS RevolutionAmazon - Giving Away the Store

The strategy behind Amazon Web Services is to give programmers virtually unlimited access to the very foundation of Amazon’s business—its product database. Insane? Or just a clever bit of Amazon strategy to attune to technologies like XML, the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), and the Semantic Web.

WS An Extensive Examination of Web Services (Part 1)

By Scott Mitchell, writing in WebProNews.com.

SOA & WS Book - Understanding SOA with Web services

By Eric Newcomer, CTO of IONA, the book explores the business potential of SOA and web service technologies.

EC Call for ProposalsSemantic based Knowledge and Content Systems

The fourth IST call for proposals under the FP6 programm, launched Novembe '04, includes 'Semantic based Knowledge and Content Systems' as one of the Strategic Objectives (SO 2.4.7) of the next phase of funding. Deadline for the call is 22 March 2005. Further information is available from this background document. Additional background info from the EC pages.


WS collaboration Microsoft and Sun: Détente Takes Time

Sun Microsystems and Microsoft officials said they have reached a number of significant milestones since announcing their landmark settlement and technical collaboration agreement. Still, eight months later, there is evidence of few tangible deliverables.

WS apps: BEA Diablo WebLogic Server Beta Available For Download

BEA's Diablo application server supports the latest industry standards such as J2EE 1.4 and the latest Web services standards, and helps developers create portable and interoperable applications.

WS business: eBay Continues Acquisition of Varied Web Services

In this latest acquisition, eBay has agreed to buy Rent.com for $415 million.


SOA ruminations Thinking about SOA (again)

Including this gem " SOAs are like snowflakes – no two will be the same".

W3C recommendation W3C Publishes Web Architecture

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) this week published a final version of its “Architecture of the World Wide Web, Volume 1” document. Volume One is available from the web.

WS Humour Web Services Takes Over the World

Topical cartoon 

WS Q&S Web Service Quality, Security, and Manageability -The Need for Automated Error Prevention & Standards Compliance

Building and deploying secure and reliable Web services is one of the most vexing challenges facing enterprises today. Thisn article explains how quality can now be built into all Web services development process much earlier in the process, thereby avoiding potential headaches later on.

WS Standards W3C Publishes First Three WS-Addressing Spec Working Drafts

The Web Services Addressing Working Group has released three first Public Working Drafts: Web Services Addressing - Core, WSDL Binding and SOAP Binding .


Interoperability WS-I Launches Advocates Program

The Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I) has announced the introduction of the WS-I Advocates Program, a newly launched recognition opportunity for companies that support the work of WS-I.

WS securityKenai doubles its Web services security profile
Startup Kenai Systems Inc. has released its second product, eXamineST, which inspects Web services messages and gives developers the ability to import WSDL files and test them for compliance with the WS-Security standard.

Web architectureWorld Wide Web Consortium Issues "Architecture of the World Wide Web, Volume One" as a W3C Recommendation

The authors, W3C's Technical Architecture Group (TAG), have documented the architectural principles that make the Web of today work well, and will help build a better Web tomorrow. Future publications will include lessons learned from integrating Web services, the Semantic Web, and mobile Web.


SW apps The semantics of fighting financial fraud online

The EU-funded FF POIROT project underlines the power of online semantic knowledge bases to help law enforcement agencies and financial regulators detect, investigate and prevent financial fraud.

WS appsStrikeIron Continues to Gain Momentum with More Financial Services Offerings
StrikeIron™ Inc. has announced the availability of four additional financial management Web services to its expanding network.

WS alliancesIBM Expands SOA Practice With AmberPoint Web Services Products

AmberPoint has announced a global reseller agreement with IBM under which IBM Global Services will offer AmberPoint's Web services management products as part of its recently launched SOA Management Practice.


WS specs Industry Leaders Demonstrate WS-Context Interoperability

IONA Technologies, along with Arjuna and Oracle, have announced the successful public demonstration of WS-Context, an important Web services specification that has been approved by OASIS as a WS-CAF Committee Draft.

WS trendsLooking Back at Web Services, Part 1
SearchWebServices.com columnist Preston Gralla examines the big trends for Web services in 2004. In Part 2, he will look forward to what can we expect from the technology in 2005.

SW appsSemantic Web Touts Improved Data Sharing

W3C has targeted the life sciences as an ideal application area for Semantic Web technology, where it aims to eliminate much of the manual work required to get at data today.


Web OntologyOWL-S Web Ontology Language Spec Submitted to W3C

OWL-S, according to the submission abstract, is "an OWL-based Web service ontology, which supplies a core set of markup language constructs for describing the properties and capabilities of Web services in unambiguous, computer-intepretable form. OWL-S markup of Web services will facilitate fuller automation of Web service tasks, such as Web service discovery, execution, composition and interoperation.

WSE 2.0:  Web Services Enhancements (WSE) 2.0 SP2 Released

WSE is a vehicle for Microsoft to get the most recent implementation of the WS-* specifications out to its developers.


EC Call for ProposalsSemantic based Knowledge and Content Systems

The fourth IST call for proposals under the FP6 programme includes 'Semantic based Knowledge and Content Systems' as one of the Strategic Objectives (SO 2.4.7) of the next phase of funding. Deadline for the call is 22 March 2005. Further information is available from this technical background document. Additional background info from the EC pages.


WS infrastructureIBM Refreshes CICS For Web Services, J2EE

IBM is breathing new life into existing CICS, by adding support for Web services and Java applications.

WS platforms:  Cape Clear Unveils Upgrade of Web Services Platform

Cape Clear Software has unveiled an upgrade of its web services integration platform that supports creation, deployment and management of business processes.

WS specs:  BPEL committee closer to final draft

OASIS technical committee co-chair Diane Jordan, program manager in emerging Internet standards at IBM Corp., talks to SearchWebServices.com about where BPEL stands and its importance to the innovation of Web services.


WS patentsGhost of Commerce One Looms Over Web Services

39 of the company's e-commerce technology patents are being auctioned off in bankruptcy court. Could they be used in infringement lawsuits against today's Web services technology vendors?

WS apps:  StrikeIron Expands Data Quality Offerings with Three New 24-Hour Accurate Directory Information Web Services

StrikeIron™ Inc., developer of the innovative StrikeIron Web Services Business Network™ (WSBizNet™), has announced the availability of three additional data quality Web services to its expanding network.

SW debate:  On Folly

XML.com columnist Edd Dumbill asks whether true believers in XML-oriented programming languages and the Semantic Web, who have been targets of mockery in their time, might be right after all.


WS Infrastructure Was the Universal Service Registry a Dream?

A regrouping is taking place right now across the software industry and is focused on the problem space of Web service description, discovery, and integration.

WS Legal:  Web services patents fetch $15.5 million

A mysterious bidder paid $15.5 million in a bankruptcy court auction of dozens of Internet-related patents - and then rushed out of the courtroom.

WS Apps Oracle launches major app server upgrade

Oracle is introducing Oracle Application Server 10g Release 2 at its OpenWorld conference, with RFID backing as new and improvements in Java, web services and identity managementn.


Interoperability:  Sun shines on interoperability progress with Microsoft

Microsoft and Sun have declared some progress in achieving interoperability citing co-operation on web services standardisation and deployment of Windows on Sun systems.

WS Design:  Use XML databases to empower Java Web services

This article discusses the design and use of service-oriented architectures in the enterprise, and provides an alternative approach to architecting such solutions by integrating a native XML operational data store.

Standards:  W3C focuses on future at 10th anniversary meeting

Speakers described events leading to the creation of the Web and the W3C, and looked forward to future developments including the Semantic Web.


WS Tools:  New Eclipse Plug-in From IBM Visualizes Web Services

IBM has released a Rational Application Developer (RAD) plug-in, that interactively visualizes Web services transactions. The WS Navigator plug-in will enable developers to debug programming faults in architectures such as those seen in SOA applications.

WS Infrastructure:  Delivering, Administrating, & Tracking Distributed Web Services

The transaction-centric approach will see greater focus on delivering, deploying, and administering Web services across a company's value chain and enable a more flexible administration.


Reversing brain drain :  Tim Berners-Lee pursues Semantic Web at Southampton University

Berners-Lee is taking up a professorship at Southampton University's (UK) computer science department in addition to his directorship of the W3C and his senior researcher post at MIT.


WS Infrastructure:  Web Services Just for CICS

IBM has unveiled a version of the company's 35-year-old Customer Information Control System (CICS) transaction server, which is primed for Web services.

WS-Discovery:  WS-Discovery Finds Web Services Without the Load of UDDI

WS-Discovery undergoes its preliminary testing workshop at Canon’s Lake Success, N.Y., headquarters Dec. 6-7. Vendors will implement versions of the early specification and see how interoperability can be attained.

WS Tips:  Use DIME to send files to Web services

DIME (Direct Internet Message Encapsulation) allows you to send binary data so you can overcome bloated data files.


Intelligent Enterprise:  Set Disruptors ON FULL

Neil Raden, a consultant and the founder of Hired Brains Research , argues that the promise of the Semantic Web challenges everything people are currently doing with information integration..

Standards:  W3C Celebrates Tenth Anniversary; Event Brings Together Technical Leaders and Luminaries to Reflect on Past, Inspire the Future

The World Wide Web Consortium marks its tenth anniversary with a day-long symposium which brings together Web and Internet technical leaders to both remember the W3C's origins and look to the future of the Web and W3C's role in it.

Research and Markets:  Web Services Gaining Momentum

Research and Markets  Enterprise Adoption of Web Services Survey indicates that web services initiatives are increasing across industries and suggests that web services and SOAs have matured beyond the early adopter stage to mainstream adoption.


WS Management End-to-end Management of Web Services

Can you really deploy or use Web services without worrying about how you’re going to manage them? Apparently you can, with the Web services management solutions from Computer Associates.

Open Source Tech giants launch open-source messaging for Web services

Reliable Messaging for Grid Services (RM4GS) from Fujitsu, Hitachi and NEC implements the WS-Reliability standard, and allows Web services to communicate without the risk of losing data. The Java source code for RM4GS is available for download from the Japanese IT Promotion Agency site.


WS-ReliabilityA Java implementation that allows more robust web applications

Fujitsu, Hitachi and NEC have released an open-source source implementation of a standard from OASIS to ensure reliable messaging between Web services applications.

Knowledge ManagementMaking knowledge management work for e-commerce

A feature article appearing on the 'IST Results' webpages regarding some key findings of project INKASS.

OntologiesWhy Relational Databases And Semantics Don't Mix
EAIWeb services link information gap
Knowledge ManagementLingway launches the version 3.2 of Lingway KM
WS legalTech giants edgy over Web services patent sale
InteroperabilityCrossing the .NET Divide: CFMX, Web Services, and .NET
Location-based WSThe Smart Pipe Approach for LBS
WS-ReliabilityGetting the message across - OASIS Web Services Reliability (article)
Interoperability Microsoft Wants Web Services to Get Along
Research And Markets Survey Reveals Web Services Are Fulfilling And A Promising Technology For Enterprise Integration
WS potential The Killer App for Web Services
WS markets DOD conducts real-time Web services test
SOA or not to SOASOAP yes, SOA, no?  - from Greg Pavlik's Weblog
WS Products:  Drag-and-Drop Web Services for MS Excel?   (Strikeiron advert)
WS ToolSOAPscope sorts out SOAP
Ontologies:  Handling knowledge in technological industries
Enterprise computingIona Plans To Ride ESB To Recovery 
WS supportMathematica 5.1 Delivers Integrated Web Services Support 
WS apps:  Royal Jordanian gears up baggage handling systems in preparation for season's tourist boom
WS securityXML security device unveiled
WS tools:  Grand Central Adds Process Design Capabilities
SW R&DRevolutionising breast cancer treatment through knowledge management 
WS ProductParasoft SOAPtest Automates Web Services Testing 
SOA:  Web Services Does Not an SOA Make
StandardsWeb business standard gets thumbs up from OASIS
Enterprise Resource InteroperabilityMetatomix ERI PLATFORM to leverage Solaris 10 OS for Computing on the Edge   
SW apps:  A VISION for Knowledge Management’s future
WS securityAmberPoint and Reactivity Partner to Manage and Protect Web Services
WS infrastructure:  Tools promise to extend Web Services
EAI/WSBitpipe Launches New Website on EAI and Web Services
WS tools:  Meeting Web Services Specs
RelaunchSemanticWeb.org plans comeback with "Relaunch 2004" - the long awaited revival of this mother of all Semantic Web community portals
SW articleA question of semantics
SOA Systinet Upgrades Web Services Registry
WS securityKenai Systems and Fadel Partners Sign Distribution Agreement
Open Data:  XML, the Web, and Beyond
SOA/WS:  Service-oriented modeling and architecture
SW apps:  The Geoweb and Deep Place
SW technologies: Network Inference Sponsors International Semantic Web Conference
SOA/BPM: Appian Enterprise 4 Business Process Management Suite Catalyzes the BPM Market
WS security: Forum Systems Chosen by Software AG, Inc. to Provide Security Technology for SOA and Web Services
Ontologies: Vendors building high-performance knowledge system
SW tools: Welkin: A General-Purpose RDF Browser
WS apps: StrikeIron Adds D&D Business Information to Roster of Premium Web Services
WS security: BEA, ICF Complete Secure Messaging Contract for DOD's EMALL
Ontologies: Counterterror data sharing will rely on XML
SW apps: Digital Harbor Announces New Version of PiiE Designed to Help Organizations Connect the Dots
SW forum: The Ontological Challenge
WS security: Reactivity Secures Web Services
Standards: Universal Business Language -UBL- Ratified As OASIS Standard
Interview: Bringing Web Services to the Masses  - interview with Bob Brauer of StrikeIron
SOA: Bottom-up SOA Just Gets You the “A”
WS Solution: WebServiceTester: Comprehensive Web Service Testing Solution
SOA: IBM: Practice Makes Perfect for the SOA Initiated
Survey: Web Services Is Lessening The Need For EAI
SOA: IBM Launches SOA Services Practice
SW feature: A Mobile Web That Knows All About You
Ontologies: Of Presidents and Ontologies
Market take-up: Forum Systems Partners with Safelayer Technologies Expanding Its Presence in Continental Europe
Survey: Web Services to Dominate Enterprise Application Integration, New Evans Data Survey
WS security: Kenai Checks Web Services for Security
Survey: Web Services Meaningful To Insurers
WS/open source: Systinet Updates Web Services Plug-In
WS solutions: Epicor(R) Announces ITIL Certification of Web Services IT Service Management Solution
WS-Discovery: WebMethods Co-Authors Web Services Specification
SW apps: Network Inference Co-Sponsors W3C Life Sciences Workshop
Semantic search: American Psychiatric Publishing Partners With Silverchair to Develop DSM-IV-TR and PsychiatryOnline
SW forum: On the Radar: The Relationship Web
WS platforms: IBM Cries Foul Over WebSphere Usability Study
SOA: SOA Framed for Key Verticals
WS integration: StrikeIron and DreamFactory Team Up To Deliver StrikeIron's Premium Web Services to Salesforce.com Customers
WS security: Web Services: Who Goes There?
WS-Discovery: Microsoft releases revised version of Web Services Dynamic Discovery
WS Protocols: Web services needs Transfer Protocols AND Specific Protocols
SOA Definitions: A personal collection of SOA definitions by AToM (alias ::atm:: )
WS security: Forum systems announces preemptive XML Filter Technology for multi-layered Web services security
Enterprise Service Bus: Ticket to ride
WS security: Web services security product pursues Common Criteria
Enterprise Service Bus: Java integration spec shunned by IBM, BEA
SW browser: The Universal Information Client - with downloadable semantic web browser
WS collaboration: SOA Leaders Council Debuts As Community Forum for Web Services Practitioners
Standards: W3C Spanish Office's Standards Tour 2004 to Visit Ten Cities Throughout Spain
WS/Open source: Open Source Project 'GForges' Ahead
Identity management: Digital Evolution First to Integrate With Latest Identity Management Platform Versions
Market take-up: Mercury helps automate claims handling for UK's largest insurance broker AON
 • Survey : Porn to Boost Wireless Web Services
 • WS Markets: Yahoo, Adobe Team up for Web Services
 • Discussion: Mining the Semantic Web - Feedster, Loomia, and Radar Networks CEOs discuss
 • SW apps: W3C Workshop on Semantic Web for Life Sciences Draws Broad International Support
 • Market take-up: Web services - A whole new spin
 • Market research: Web services to drive software & services sector
 • IT strategies: BPM and Web services - A perfect match? (Part 2)
 • Market take-up: Starwood Hotels Moves To Web Services, Switches Outsourcers
 • SW platforms: Semagix to Speak at Two Sessions at KMWorld & Intranets 2004
WS security: Layer 7 introduces first identity bridging solution for Web services
Privacy issues: Openness as a Privacy Protection Strategy
WS blogs: Infravio Launches Jeff Tonkel's Web Services/SOA Blog
Interview: Master of the Mainframe
WS: Amazon - website to web services
Interview: The Web's Father Expects a Grandchild
SOA apps: Tracking materials easy for Raytheon with SOA
WS middleware: Westbridge to Add Security to Actional Web Services Solution
Identity management: Microsoft Says No to Liberty Alliance
WS interfaces: ASHRAE Releases BACnet Web Services Interface Specification for Public Review
Web Part 2: Web father works on Killer App
SWS tools & technologies: Bulgaria, Germany, Japan: The IRS-III Tour Continues
Ontology apps: Textpresso to Go
Identity management: IBM's Liberty Membership Closing Identity Gap
Market take-up: Web services uptake still years away
Interview: Systinet CEO sees three phases for Web services
EU R&D: Presenting semantically-enabled knowledge technologies
Market research: Web services will live up to its hype - The Yankee Group
SOA: Sun Microsystems and SeeBeyond Agreement Brings Practical SOA to Customers
Architectures: XML for Analysis - Marrying OLAP and Web Services
WS security: Build Security Into Your Web Services with WSE 2.0 and ISA Server 2004
EAI tools: SAP strengthens support for Java on Netweaver
Identity management: Liberty Alliance captures seven new members
EAI: MindTree in pact with Magic Software
 • Deep Thought: How semantic technology researchers are turning research into products we use
 • WS security: Web Services Edge Cuts Both Ways
 • WS infrastructure: Web services merger targeting security and management
 • WS tools: Kenai Systems Announces Availability of Web Services Inspection Tool
 • WS security: Oblix COREsv integrates XWall Web services firewall


 • Standards: W3C Releases Revised Web Services Choreography Description Language Version 1.0 (WS-CDL)
 • EAI solutions: Datalever Corporation Announces Data Quality Web Services Solution
 • EAI tools: Tool integrates Web services to legacy data and apps


 • Ontologies: It's a Matter of Semantics
 • Crossing the Chasm: Web services no longer 'emerging technology'
 • Standards: Web services standards - Is enough enough already?
 • Market take-up: Server Versions of Microsoft Apps Speak to Web Services Future
 • Testing tools: Parasoft SOAPtest 3.0 Increases the Effectiveness of Web Services Development


 • SW application: Florida courts look to Semantic Web for disparate data on desperados


 • IT strategies: BPM and Web services - A perfect match? (Part 1)
 • WS security: Security development tool for XML and web services
 • SOA: BEA's Diamond helps to define web services
 • WS API: Plumtree Releases Web Services-Based Programming Interfaces for Collaboration and Search Servers


 • Scalability: Managing Web Services Demands New Approach
 • Search applications: Latest Version of Verity Federator Features Versatile WS Interface
 • SOA: Software's Next Step
 • SW: Search, Web Services Power the 'Next' Web


 • Mobile services: Web Services for your TiVo?
 • Standards: W3C Launches Web Services Addressing Group
 • Ontologies: Going from a 'Web of links' to a 'Web of meaning' could be a matter of semantics
 • Ontologies: Vendors building high-performance knowledge system
 • WS-Specs: AMD, Dell, Intel, Microsoft, and Sun Release Web Services for Management


Emerging technology: IBM adds Semantics to its alphaWorks Emerging Technologies

Tool wrap: Web services, e-commerce, XML touted

Tools: Metatomix Releases Bi-directional Java Platform for Automation


EAI: NetWeaver gets BI, Web services boost

Standards & Specs: The Future Challenges of Web Services

Market take-up: Systinet Releases Industry's Only Web Services Enablement for Eclipse

WS applications: StrikeIron Launches Zacks Investment Research Premium Web Service

White Paper: Bulletproofing Web Services - a Step-by-Step Plan (registration required)


ERI: Metatomix Delivers the mtx ERI PLATFORM for Enterprise Resource Interoperability

WS-Complexity: Where's the simplicity in Web services?

Interoperability: Siebel Systems Announces Support for WS-I Basic Profile 1.0

EAI: Unicorn Partners With IBM to Support New IBM DB2 Information Integrator Version 8.2


Net Security: NetContinuum Debuts Web-Services and Web-App Firewall


Market take-up: Amazon expands Web services efforts

Interoperability: Legacy Apps Meet Web Services


EU RT&D: EU funds innovative European ambient intelligence infrastructure

EAI: Microsoft Makes a Play for Web Services


Market research: 2005 - The Year for Web Services

Open standards: The Open Applications Group (OAGi) Ships Web Services Description Language (WSDL) Files

Standards: Can't We All Just Get Along?


Patent laws: WWW Inventor Warns of Patent Licensing Royalty Threat

Market projection: Web Services To Hit $6 Billion Mark By 2008
Newsweek article : The 'Semantic Web' (requires registration)


MIT Technology Review: Sir Tim Berners-Lee

Market research: Web Services Market to Explode

Market take-up: StrikeIron Launches New Affiliate Program For Web Services


WS specs: Web Services MetadataExchange Spec Published


Market research: EAI and Web Services Systems Remain an Enigma Within Financial Services

Image metadata: XMP Lowdown

IBM alphaWorks: Emerging Topic - Semantics


Standards expert: WS-Security changing Web services landscape

Market research: Yankee Group Names Forum Systems The "Winner" In Web Services Gateways

Market research: Microsoft Positioned in the Leader Quadrant in Web Services Magic Quadrant


WS infrastructure: webMethods and Frameworx Announce Alliance

Market take-up: Are Web Services receding?

WS security: Web services look set to be the next big risk


Market take-up: Flexibility, Finances Keys to Web Services Adoption

WS specs: WS-Enumeration and WS-Transfer Published as Web Services Messaging Specifications

SOA trends: Web services management, registry bundle a unique venture

WS development: NEON Systems Brings Web Services Directly To The Mainframe


SWS: 5 Web Services That Matter


Interview: Tim Berners-Lee, Director, W3C

SW perspective : The Future of the Semantic Web is Here Today and is Evenly Distributed


SW uptake: Uncle Sam's Semantic Web

Market research : Enterprises face challenging Web services buying decisions

Web Services: Jan Baan launches Web Services Firm


Standards: WS-Security changing Web services landscape

Service platforms: Cordys Launches Globally and Introduces Web Services Platform

Technologies linguistiques: Pas de Web sémantique sans traitement automatique des langues


SW uptake: Berners-Lee Calls for More Voice Apps

SOA solutions: Web services management vendors combine

Interview: Next Phase For Web Services Pioneer


WS specs: Web Service Message Reliability Spec Published


Standards: OASIS WSRM TC Releases WS-Reliability Version 1.1

Best practice: So You Want an SOA with Web Services


SOA on chips: Intel Stacks Enterprise Chips with SOA


Patent: Contivo Awarded Patent for Semantic Integration Technology

Security issues: Securing Web services requires out-of-box thinking

Security solutions: Entrust And Vordel Partner To Deliver Web Services Security Solution

Implementation: Utilise Web services in the real world


Workshop: W3C Public Workshop on Semantic Web and Life Sciences - Features OWL, RDF and LSID


Business concerns: Bulletproof Web Services

Market research: Reducing costs with Web Services


Interoperability: IBM, Sun join with Microsoft on Web services event specification

Applications: US Army seeks to use semantic Web to improve knowledge management

Standards: webMethods Highlights Web Services Management Support


Standards: DCML spec joins OASIS

Web Services: Where Web Services Meet Mobile Devices

Interview: Web standards need support Jean-Francois Abramatic, from DIP partner ILOG, explains his work on the W3C.


Towards Semantic Web: Web turns 35, but still work in progress

SW application: Metatomix Semantic Web-based Solution Streamlines Florida Judicial Process

Standards: WS-I Addresses Web Services Attachments Interoperability

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